Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Little Lambs

 Here are our new girls....

I took the children to the sheep ranch today so that they could see our new lambs.  

They loved getting to see all the momma's and their babies.  
Our two ewe's will come home around June after they wean.  
They are Shetland Sheep, which I like because they do not get very big.  We are getting them for their wool, which I will have so much fun spinning.  
We still need to name them.  Kalyn, my little funny love came up with "Delicious" and "Tasty".  LOL  It may stick, but I hate to put those names on our registration papers.  If we have babies later and want to sell them, I think it will sound funny to say "This is Tasty's son."  


  1. Funny- I thought it was going to be about your children! BUT I love hearing about these little lambs too!!

    How wonderful to have them close to your home and so cool you will be getting two of them!!

  2. Shonni, every time I view your blog I can't help but smile at your family picture! I love how you and Steve just disappear among all the Treasures! Love you, Sister!!!


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