Sunday, June 13, 2010

Out Of The Loop

Just a day after we found out that my parents and niece were safely home, we traveled to Texas to spend a week with my family.  Thank you all for your prayers for Dandy, Gommy and Tiffany!!! After listening to their story, we are all sure that they were able to get home because of prayer. They drove on roads that were closed just after they passed due to the mud slides. All the countries around them were closed due to the cyclone. There was a small window of time that they could get out of El Salvador and they did, when so many others where left stranded. 
So much had happened this week, but we have just got home from south Texas and still need to bath 9 children. I will write more tomorrow...
but the most urgent prayer needs for now is:
-my mom's rod in her leg has broken and her dr is out of town till next week...she is in a great deal of pain, and her bone/rod is now starting to stick out in the side of her leg...regardless of her pain, she will tell you "PRAISE THE LORD", several dozens of people in Guatemala found their SAVIOR while they where there. 
-My sister (in-law) is still VERY SICK, and not sure where to go now for help. 
And a cute picture of my mother with my daughter, Kalyn, who is now gone till the END of July....

I am so blessed by my family and I pray that we each learn from each other how to strengthen the foundations of our families and bring glory to our LORD through them! 
Tomorrow dear family and friends...I look forward to catching up with you each. Pray for me please...I'm off to bath 9 children now...


  1. Praying for you and your Mom as I go off to bed! Love you and glad you are home safe! Praying for Kalyn too!


  2. um mama its the end of july not august.
    any way love you and glad you got home safely.

  3. Oh how I have missed you sweet friend. I look forward to reading how the Lord is ministering to your little family.

    Love from the North,

  4. So thankful that the Lord brought them home safely! Will be praying for your Mom and your SIL that they will find the help they need...
    God's Healing....

  5. So glad you are back! Praying for your mom!!!


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