Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Is Today? Tuesday?

Do you ever have weeks where you "forget" what day it is? That is how I feel right now. I always get like this in summer because we are on a different and more relaxed schedule then during Autumn/Fall. The children have enjoyed sprinkler playing today.

I really do enjoy working on the girls hair. It's a little like art to practice different styles. Some styles work and some don't. Landon helped feed Keshawn while Garett and Kiana enjoyed their piano video from Dandy and Gommy - "Piano For Life".

Here's the final results from today.

Keshawn was really upset when we wouldn't let him chew on grass and stuff...."sorry baby".

Just cause she's cute....I told her she looks "Swedish".  Of course, Steve's family is straight from Holland, so she obviously took after his side of the family. We just say that my side of the family is "Texan". That pretty much sums it up.  I do think that she has a "Texas size" attiude...LOL.

Thankfully, it doesn't take long to make Keshawn happy again.
I'm relieved to have the girls hair finished. The lego's from yesterday are picked up, laundry is caught up and tomorrow is hair cut day for me and packing. 
Time to go make some yummy Sweet and Sour Chicken for supper.


  1. You are an amazing momma!! Fabulous job on the hair too!
    Much Love!

  2. I'm with Lisa - you are one good Momma!

    Great shots and amazing job on the hair!

    Love you,
    Praying for your trip! Where are you going?

  3. I love this post! My husband and I just got the paper work in to foster. this comes after a few years of prayer. We are also open to adoption. The photos make my heart smile~

  4. haha. that sounded like i was saying keshawn's hair wasn't cute. but it is!! :D

  5. cute cute kids! & very cute hair on the girls!!

  6. Great job on the hair!!! I agree that its a great creative outlet!

  7. Your daughter's hair looks great, and Keshawn is just as adorable as ever!

  8. wow, I'm amazed on the hair! I'll have to send a link to this post to my friend who just returned from Ethiopia. She's not real sure how to style her daughter's hair.
    And are you going to share your sweet and sour chicken recipe? Cause I'm sure with as many kids in your house as you have, it can't be super labor intensive...

  9. Looks like a great day! You do an incredible job with the girl's hair.


  10. Oh wow what a gorgeous hairstyle!!! I'm going to try this on my little sister...if I ever learn to cornrow as good as you.

  11. Excellent braiding skills! And the beads are so cute, what an adorable family you have :D Eveshouse.blogspot.com


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