Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Antidote to Worry?

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God."  Psalm 20:7
HaShem - The Name....just saying it invokes reverence in my spirit. 
HaShem is The Name that we are studying in our book, Praying The Names Of God, this week. 
It seems like such a perfect time, what with mom about to have surgery. 
I was convicted by the above Psalm many years ago, when the LORD asked me what were some of the "chariots" and "horses" that I was placing my trust in. Some on my list were;
-Steve, money, good health, friends, my own abilities....

And then, as I confessed and repented, the LORD really burned into me that my greatest hope for my future was to "trust in the name of the LORD my God".

See, when I am depending on someone else (my "chariot" or "horse"), I must control them (it) to get the end that I want. Of course, in my heart I know this is foolish, and so worry comes in big time!
On the other hand, when I choose to trust in The Name, I have confidence in Him and have hope for my todays and tomorrows; hope for the troubling situations that I may face; hope for the people that I love; hope for what I cannot see.
"That's why He tells us to trust in His Name, to count on His ability to see the future and prepare us for it-whatever may happen." (taken from Praying The Names Of God).

Worry and try to control or Hope and rest in peace. 
Today, may we all stand strong, not because we trust in our "horses or chariots", but because "we trust in the Name of the LORD our God."!!!!! Proclaim (say out loud) this truth to your troubles and trust AND HOPE. 


  1. amen! that's really something i needed to hear, shonni! thanks :D

  2. Great truth! I will be praying for your mama too. Will put it on my cell clock so I remember. xo

  3. AMEN! Trusting in Him with you!

    Love and BIG HUGS!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing what God obviously laid on your heart. I have had MANY things to worry over recently and sometimes my heart gets so overwhelmed that I feel as if I cannot breathe. To be reminded that I must trust in His Name and not in my abilities, my family, friends, plans etc...... the list goes on........ is freeing.

  5. How interesting. I think I may be leaning on someone in a way which is controlling at times. What a great reminder to ONLY lean on my Father! Thank you. xo

  6. Amen Shonni
    Thank you for this reminder to trust that He's got my back and He's there to take my fears and anxieties. Praying for your mom.

  7. Amen, I love this and so what I needed today :)

  8. I have been reading your blog for awhile and after reading about your moms surgery I had to leave a little encouragement :0 My dad had a hip replaced. He had a congenital defect. (He even walked on crutches for 7 years as a kid. He was still laying in the recovery room when he said he wished he had had the surgery years earlier! He had surgery on friday, home on monday and back to work a week later. Not kidding! Praying for the same for your mom! Sheri

  9. Thanks for the challenge. I wonder what chariots & horses there are in my life....
    You've certainly given me something to think & pray about !
    God bless


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