Monday, June 14, 2010

Times Living

What a blessed week we had with our family at the lake in Texas. There were some boat problems the first few days, but we didn't let that stop the fun...we swam in the wonderful warm water, played on a paddle boat, were frightened by a water snake that Jace then killed, worked on the boat in 102 degree weather and FIXED it (which we were proud of), ate good food and told great stories. 

It was exciting to hear from Mom, Dad and Tiffany about their adventure filled mission trip and how the LORD brought them home safely. 

The children enjoyed this water ball, but it only lasted a few hours before it broke. 

We got to meet Karlie, Jace's girlfriend...she is a doll!!
Here is Karlie playing with Keshawn.

This was our first year to have a jet ski to play with. My parents got it mostly for Mom, hoping that she could play on it, since she can't ski because of her leg. Audrey and I had some fun I can tell you.

Of course there was lots of skiing, wake boarding, and is Caresse and Aspen. Aren't they cute!!!

Mom found one of Keshawn's tickle spots.

Garett learned to ski this year. He was so proud of himself!!! Aunt Karla was to sick to come in the boats with us, but she sat on the grass one day so that Garett could show her his new found joy. 

Kalyn, Dandy, Gommy and I enjoyed a late evening visit sitting in the boat. 

By the end of the day's, we were all so tired!!! Aspen loved on a tired Kiana one evening. We had to tow Kim's boat in for gas and it took a long time to get there! We actually ate supper at TEN PM that night by the time we towed, got gas, loaded, got to the house and cooked it. The beauty of my family is we all work together and enjoy being together. 

I am grateful that my parent's teach us all to value people, and even with all the hard work, this picture is why it is worth it all. Thank you Mom and Dad. I love ya'll.
One of the reason's I share our special family times on this blog is because I want to encourage us all to value our family and friends and work hard to show love to them. Spend time with them, play with them, talk about the Bible together, pray together, cry together and laugh together. My parent's have taught me so much about these things, and it is a legacy we all can pass on also. 


  1. Love the pictures Shonni!

    What a great time. And, Wow Garett, that is a HARD I never learned to do!


  2. Love family time! Thank for sharing!

  3. I'm so glad you had a fun time with family and grateful your folks arrived home safe and sound with tales to tell from their mission trip!

    Wish we had more water around here!

  4. and thank you for sharing it with us. Looks like a beautifully blessed time. You guys are all so cute!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  5. I just love reading about your parents and family. What an encouragement of godly generations!


  6. That last picture of everyone in the water behind the boat is priceless! I just love it!
    What a wonderful week of family time. Makes me look forward to our annual extended family beach trip!

  7. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

    I LOVE when you share stories of your extended family. Neither my sweet hubby nor I come from a godly heritage, nor are we even in contact with most of our extended family. So, when I read of families such as yours it gives me a vision for what I hope our family will be when our kids are grown & married, with children. Thinking we might have 4 weddings in the next year or so ... very exciting.

    Laurel :)

  8. Friend, what a beautiful reminder that time passes much too quickly and we often miss the opportunities to spend time with family and friends! Beautiful family, beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Beautiful. Love the pictures.

  10. Oh wow, the pics are STUNNING, sweet friend. Looks like you all had such an awesome time together. So wonderful sharing in your family memories here on your blog. I love it.

    I love you too....and miss you heaps :(


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