Friday, July 2, 2010

Up date on Shonni in Texas

Steve here. Just got off the phone with Shonni a few minutes ago. She is very tired. Been a long couple of days with very little sleep and lots of emotion. Her mom is doing well post surgery. The surgery was 4 1/2 hours, 2 hours longer than planned due to the old pin in the leg being broken (titanium no less) and they had a hard time getting it out. The surgery was hard and difficult, but all looks like it went went. Her mom is tired and on meds for the pain. They had to wake her every 30 minutes to due exercises for her lungs and the leg.

Shonni is planning on being at the hospital all day tomorrow and tomorrow night so her dad can get some rest. Tomorrow will be a big day as they need to get her sitting up and continuing with the post surgery rehab. All hoping this will get her mom walking pain free and without crutches after three years.

Me and the little ones are holding down the fort. Yesterday was the park, today the library, lunch at McDonalds and the store. Tomorrow it is back to the park and the Big R (at the request of Kiana because they have free popcorn ont he weekends!) We are all of our days planned out, including the meals, until momma returns. Last night was stir fry and tonite hot dogs!

We ordered more chicks today to replace some of the ones the fox got. Will make sure all the holes int he fence stay sealed.

Kids all miss momma and keep thinking she is going to return at anytime, even though I tell them it will be a few days. They are all doing well, including the baby. Only Boo (Landon) is having problems with a alergic reaction to something, we just don't know what. He gets big, red,  itchy welts on his back and legs if we don't keep him on Benadryl.

Thanks for all of your prayers. We will keep you updates as we get more news!


  1. glad to hear her mom is doing well. i'll continue to pray for her recovery. and for landon as well.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the update. Will continue to pray for Shonni's mom and her recovery.

    Sounds like you and the kids are doing well. I had no doubt that you could hold down the fort. :)


  3. Praise God the surgery went well Steve! praying for her healing! Praying for Landon's allergic reaction to stop!


  4. Thank you for the update - prayers continuing for everyone... :)

  5. Thanks for the update, Steve.

    We sure do miss you guys :(


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