Monday, July 19, 2010

O.K., Sooooo...

It is so late, but I really wanted to say....
Ya’ll are so funny!!! Yes, after playing in a mud hole, I hosed the children off in a COLD Colorado hose and told them;
“I know you don’t understand this right now, but this is for your own good, and I am building an amazing amount of character quality in you?”  At which point, freezing and with chill bumps up and down their little bodies, they really didn’t care about their character....
And really, I didn’t care to much about character quality either, it just sounded like a good line at the time and I need them at least partially de-mudded so that I could bath them in the bath tub.
And, I think some of them bought it!
A mother does what she has to do!!!
We had a wonderful weekend camping and I thought this might be a great time to answer a question that we hear fairly regularly...
“Isn’t it a lot of work to go camping with so many children?”
The answer is a huge Texas size (cuz I’m from Texas, and you know, we have BIG attitudes LOL), YES!!!!
So, why would we do it? 
Obviously, we get to spend great family time together, even if that does mean; burning a hole in our tent while we were setting it up in the dark WHILE it was raining; the port-a-potty overflowed and we are thankful that our sons' pillow absorbed it and kept it from his head; another child ate to many “goodies” and threw up in the middle of the night-all over EVERTHING; another child peed threw jammies and sleeping bag and had to sleep with me the rest of the night since he couldn’t use his sleeping bag, dog throw up, stomach flew in the wilds (yea, that one almost sent me to an asylum); rain and mud in a tent, 9 wet children, oldest son practicing with he ax-which bounces off the tree stump and cuts a hole in our tent; Steve had to put me up in a hotel because I was so sick, while he went back to the camp to take care of our children and I begged the front desk for Tylenol or to call 911;
O.K., soooo
why do we do it?
Well, I am to tired to finish this post, so I will have to continue it tomorrow. 
P.S. another question we get is why we don’t adopt domestically....I will also answer that this week.
Loves to all,


  1. You are so funny!! I hope that all those things didn't happen in one night. LOL
    Can't wait to hear the answers to both of those questions. :)

  2. Now that would make me never camp again! Sorry for you! Glad you still can laugh!

    Love and blessings to one GREAT mom!

  3. Oh my, sounds like that wasn't the most blessed of camping trips, but it will be one you remember! And I suspect that you go camping because it is a way to get a little closer to God's creation. We need to get our tent dusted off and get out there ourselves.

  4. LOL, sorry I wasn’t clear...all that did NOT happen on one trip!

  5. oh wow! i was about to say, "that all happened last weekend?!" but now i see your comment up here, shonni. haha. still... that's a bunch of stuff even in a few camping trip spread out. lol.

  6. Glad I read the above comments to know the answer...I was going to ask "all in one trip?" also :) whew! Um...I'm not sure I ever want to tackle camping- gulp- thought I had enough worries holding me back before; didn't even think of these "experiences" to worry about :) Blessings, Jennifer

  7. I will be looking forward to "part two!" I think I know where you're headed, and it makes me feel kinda "normal." Your blog is refreshing.

  8. Wow not sure if I would go camping again if all that happened, but the smiles on your children's faces from todays post makes me see why ya'll do.


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