Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Friend at Joy Unspeakable Has Awesome News!!

First, thank you all for your sweet comments on my last few post this week.  We have been so busy with different things, and I know a few people have left emails for me. I promise to try to get to those soon!!!!

Steve was gone all last week; YEAAAA, he got home last week. We have a wedding to attend today, and tomorrow our local newspaper wants to do a follow up on an article that they did last year. Please pray that we represent Jesus well!!

One to this most exciting news from my friend at Joy Unspeakable! I know some of you already know this family and are already rejoicing with them as they fundraise to bring home a beautiful boy who is waiting form them in China. 

So, just click on the button and see how you can be part of the fun!!!


  1. Just catching up on your news and I LOVE the post on your camping trip, it looks like so much fun!! Where was that? Your children are beautiful! Love Jules


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