Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Friends that Feel LIke Old Friends!!

For some time I have loved getting to know Jodi over our blogs, and what a fun thing to find out that she was going to be in Colorado!!!
We met at a park in town and it felt like meeting an old friend.

We also met some other fun friends.   What a great day.

Kalyn will be home later tonight.  We are all looking so forward to seeing her again!


  1. So wonderful, my friend.

    Thrilled that Kalyn is coming HOME!

  2. Hi Shonni,
    first off, your blog is precious and so are those cuties of yours. so nice to make your acquaintance through Angel. Yes, I live very nearby and would love to meet sometime. We just moved from COS to Monument. You can reach me at wendi [at] henrylegacy [dot] com or on facebook or twitter with the handle "wendihenry"


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