Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weird Metal Spike Balls and Court

Aren't these metal sculptures fun?!  The children loved playing with them. These works of art where next door to the court house where we spend time this morning finalizing Keshawn's adoption. He is now a HASSOLDT!!!

The judge was a very sweet lady.  She really involved the children in the process and they thought that was cool. They each even got to hammer her very special gavel. 

After our "day in court", the children and I toured the Pioneer Museum that was next door.  We don't get downtown very often and the children convinced me with "we can count it as school Mom".  What smart children!

This last picture is Keshawn holding Caresse's hand as we were leaving the court.  When I look at it, I think, "This is why it is worth it all."  Someone to walk the roads of life with...a family.  Always there for each other, leading, following, helping, loving.  I know that our family seems big to many, but to us, it seems just right.  We are growing and learning together how to live for the LORD's glory.  Isn't it a lot of work?  Yes and No would be my answer.  On one hand, we do work hard, however, the "work" is good work as we learn to love and serve each other.  On the other hand, no it isn't harder because work is so much easier and so much more enjoyable when you have others with you.  
And the older children learn the joys of guiding little feet that are following them.  Those little feet need not walk alone now.  Those little hands are never empty now.  Those little heart's never have to face the future alone again.  Fears, dreams, hopes, and thoughts are shared and respected in their daily lives. 
Yes, there is the reality of screaming and arguing.  Even now, two of them are sitting in a quiet time beside me.  And what are they learning...that we respect each other and Mommy.  So, I look at the above picture in all of it's romantic-ness...
and I know that it is worth it. 
They have each other.  They have a family.  And that is one precious gift!!! 


  1. Simply gorgeous photos - love the hand in hand shot too! But I LOVE the one of you with Keshawn-PRECIOUS!

    Praising God for the finalization of his adoption!

    Much love,
    Who knows all too well the romance of the day and need to look at God's glory and hand in my life!

  2. LOVE it!!!


    I don't think you family is "too big". :)


  3. Your comments under the holding hands picture sum it all up for me. Thank you.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! The pictures, the text ~ all of it!

  5. Congratulations Shonni, that sweet boy is a little cutie pie!!
    Beautiful family photos, I love the one with Caresse holding Keshawn's hand simply precious.
    It truly is a blessing to be able to walk through this life being loved and supported by family.

  6. That almost made me cry. Congratulations on Keshawn's adoption being final!! You have a beautiful family and I don't think it's too big. :)

  7. Hey there!! I just noticed you are in COS! Have you gotten to meet one of my BFFs Wendi Henry?? Or precious friend Brandi They both live near you. Wendi is a homeschool momma and I was thinking you are too. Not to mention Ben and Amy Savage that JUST moved there ANYWAY!! Just wanted to make sure you knew some of my FAVORITE people. :o)

    You're family is just gorgeous. There is great joy in watching your children love each other. Not only the shallow love of having fun together but the deeper love of helping each other... comforting one another. It is a beautiful thing to see them learn so early about how real love looks.


  8. Hey Shonni!! Thanks for saying hi on my blog! I LOVE your beautiful family pictures and even more the way God has knit your family together! We are in CO Springs right now for training with Children's HopeChest then we go back home to Cincinnati to sell our house before we officially move out here. Not sure what part of Colorado Springs we'll move to but I will be in touch! Would love for Tariku to play with your sweet kids at some point! Praying for your family!! So glad Angel hooked us up! Amy

  9. Nice finally meeting you too!!! Sorry I probably said your name wrong a ton of times today!! :-) Hopefully we can get together again soon. I will let you know when our playgroups are if you like!!! Have a wonderful week.

    Thanks for the wonderful entertainment with those cool scooters!!!

  10. Yayyeeee....what a FABULOUS day, my friend. YES YES YES it is soooooo worth it :)

  11. What a beautiful post, Shonni! Congratulations on finalizing Keshawn's adoption. I love the 'hands' picture - what a symbol of love!

  12. Congratulations on finalizing Keshawn's adoption. What a wonderful day to celebrate your family.


  13. Hello there, I'm new to your blog and glad to be here. Congratulations on Keshawns adoption finalization! You have a lovely handsome family, I just love the pic of you all at the court door. You look like a teacher on a class trip. ANd thinking about it, it's true, as your children being a part of the court process are learning so many things. God bless your family. I look forward to reading your past and future post - Eve :D


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