Monday, July 26, 2010

Funny First

I enjoyed ya’ll comments on the last post!!!  I promise, more will be coming.

This picture is so precious to me!  I love how Keshawn practically wraps himself around me. 
His first word is so funny (beside “ouch”-which I’m not sure is technically a word). 
Keshawn’s  first word is “ehp”... which translate into “help”.  The reason this is so funny is he understands one thing about this word - when he uses it we all come running.  If he wants outside to be with the others, he says “ehp” to get the screen opened by someone.  His leg was stuck a few days ago, and he kept saying “ehp” over and over until Kiana and I realized he really did need help.  When he wants out of his highchair it is “ehp”.  We hear a “ehp” when he wants to be pushed in his play car. 
I would say we have trained him very well...O.K., so it’s the other way around. 
However, there is one thing he can say without words...he will get his bottle off of the table and bring it to me....that’s pretty good “sign” language for hold me!
So, some of the children have begged me to do what I do several times in a summer with them....sleep outside under the stars in our sleeping bags.  We have some old twin mattresses that we set up to make it more comfortable for us.  I’m not sure how this came about, and even though a part of me would really like to be in my bed with my husband, this has become a little tradition.  So, I will be enjoying nature tonight with some little people and thanking the LORD for the fun and the beauty tonight.  
Are ya’ll enjoying your summer...what is your favorite thing to do? I would love to know...please do share! 


  1. What a precious photo! If I could sleep outside oh how fun that would be to do with our children. The noises keep me awake :-( I love being under the stars too!

    We love swimming together each day and now playing on the swingset!

    Glad you are enjoying some sweet lovin' from that baby boy of yours! he can't get much cuter!

    Love you,

  2. Well shoot-fire. I just left a nice comment and poof, it was gone. I hate that.

    Anyway, that pic is amazingly sweet. It really should be published somewhere!

    And you are a super cool mom for sleeping outside. Me, no way would I do that. Never. Well, perhaps if I lived where you do. But not in KS. No way.

  3. Lori I was thinking, um, in OK now it is 100 degrees AT NIGHT. lol you are a super sweet mom to sleep under the stars. Our fun thing is catching light bugs in jars. then we watch them and let them go...

  4. Oh, that hug looks so wonderful.
    Hope you've had a great camp out, that seems like awesome economical fun! :D

  5. How adorable! My little toddler says, "Hep oo Mommy" as she scoots her little chair up to the kitchen counter. She's not any help at all, but lots of fun!


  6. That picture is absolutely priceless!

  7. Sit outside in the lawn chairs in the evening eating popsicles...watching our little boy ride his big wheel. Oh and homeade ice cream we made two batches saturday night and there are only 3 of us. chocolate w/ oreos and vanilla...

  8. Sooo cute, I love this picture.
    Our favorite thing is to go to the beach. The sound of the ocean always makes all the worries of life go away.


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