Monday, December 27, 2010


How are ya’ll this morning?
Is there anything that you would like me to be praying for today?


  1. My mom. She is taking my move especially hard.

  2. First, I LOVE the simplicity and yet intensity of that photo...only two little hands, but so much in that photo!!!

    Second, prayers that our TA comes in this week so our fingerprints don't expire prior to getting Gracie. It would be a huge setback for us but mostly for Gracie!

    Third, The Out of Sync Child is also a good SPD book to read for your little one!

    Take care and thanks for asking about prayer!

  3. Love that photo too Shonni!

    Love you and your precious family!

    please keep our family in your prayers as we seek God's direction! as well as our parents who are fighting dad's cancer naturally!!! pray mostly for their hearts to come to know God personally!


  4. I am spending today fasting and praying that I would enter into such a deep relationship with God, deeper than ever before! It has been such a difficult year for us not having our own home and losing our baby but God has shown me that when we are in the wilderness, we become aware of Him more than ever before. I would LOVE your prayers for the strength to face the New Year with HOPE and JOY!!


  5. yes yes yes! My husband has had a change of heart on the potential of adding more children to our home. After losing our sweet baby several months ago, we are all just getting back to the hopeful stage. We are being considered for a foster care sibling group. I love the idea of this and I love keeping siblings together.... but I am honestly a little scared! (alot scared? lol) I have 5 kids now and this would put us to 9!! We are seeking God's direction. I do not want to make descisions based from fear, but I do not want to be unwise either. Please pray for us to follow GOD in this and to be wise and faithful to what He wants. thank you!!!

  6. Love your photo. My daughter took a similar one in Africa, hands and hearts joined.

    You inspired me to open a door that we are now peeking through. A little boy from China jumped off the page like no other has over all the years I have looked. God is swinging open the door to something that seemed so impossible for less obvious reasons.

    God's ways are not our ways.

    Hezra: I kept three siblings together for a year. It was the most precious gift for them and for us. God will make a way.

  7. Goodness Shonni that photo is absolutely precious!

  8. Susan, thank you for asking...
    we are continuing in prayer for our children in China...that the LORD would be preparing us all to become a family and for all the paperwork and money to come together.

  9. A long awaited USCIS approval.

    I know you know about those...

  10. Susan, I am so happy for Carey. What a frustrating situation, but I am glad that it is behind them now!

  11. MUCH prayer needed for the Big D. Family. Our lives CRASHED 2 weeks ago. We are trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces.

    Thank you for your prayers.


  12. Yes, please! We were all set to start the adoption process again this month and I have my heart set on a sibling set of two boys (ages 12 and 8). My husband now wants to wait a little longer.


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