Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Am Created To Be A Nurturer

I often remind myself that the LORD has created me to nurture.  I need to affirm this to my heart because I get caught up in the work, the discipline, the NOISE (yes, 10 children do make just “a little” bit of noise).  I loose my focus and my joy; I feel frustrated and stressed.  I fail and yell.  I get angry and whine.  I forget...
I forget that I was created to nurture.  
Nurture means “that which nourishes such as food and that which promotes growth, to encourage somebody or something to flourish.”
Nourishing my family and friends and others is the walking out - the action of the truth that they are cherished and precious - made in the LORD’s image. 
Nurturing is a way of living!  Those around me need me to nurture them, and because the LORD has given me this “nurturing anointing” it is not a burden.  It really is a pleasure.  And that’s why I like to remind myself that I was created to do this, and by His Spirit, it is a joy.  When I get lost in the “hard stuff” of the day, I start focusing on me and begin to let my emotions tell me other things - self-centered things.
“Nurturing touches the whole person-body, soul and spirit.  We are to nurture our children’s physical bodies with life-giving food.   What about the soul?“ (Nancy Campbell).  
What are some things that we can do to nurture our families (and others)? What comes to mind when you think of this?
Here are some words I think of....
Teach my children TRUTH from the Bible and about our LORD, and speak His Truth to others
Encourage them
Train, instruct and disciple my children
Protect them
Support them
Watch over them
Listen to them
Feed them with nutritious food, books, music and ideas
Family traditions and time together
I would love to know what comes to your mind as you think of nurturing your loved ones.  In sharing we encourage each other.
As a gardener loves to tend to his plants, I really think that as we nurture the ones that the LORD has placed in our lives, we will find contentment and joy.  
I chose the pictures here for a reason...besides the fact that they are just adorable...
the little one’s are watching us and learning from us how to nurture and love others. So, let’s remind ourselves that the LORD has created us to nurture!

 Above-my brother, Kim, nurturing Landon’s soul; below-my sister (in-law), Karla, nurturing Alia and Garett’s souls.


  1. It is always good to be reminded that nurturing our children is a blessing not just a command. It is a gift to teach them in the way they should go - to be joyful and loving in all ways.

    One of the ways to do this best is to not simply teach but to show them by listening and watching them.

    Nurturing in our large family is time for me/or my husband to simply just be with them...nothing else needs to be going on - just us and them. Nurishment for their souls. Our children are nurished most when we hug them. A hug and a smile go a long way - much further than frown or a frustrated look or shush.

    Love you!

  2. What a great post-- nurturing. Lots of things come to mind when I think about that--I guess the main one that comes to mind since it is a struggle for me is simply "being" with them instead of always doing.

    I emailed you a little while ago about the Christmas Mei Mei Niu Niu doll. Email me if you have any questions!

  3. Ahh. Listening and praising. These are two things I am focusing on this week and praying the Lord will continue to cultivate in my life.

  4. What a beautiful reminder.

    Thanks for sharing, friend.


  5. Nurture versus nature. So important to think about this when we are loving on our "created-by-God" families. Thanks for your thoughts.


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