Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chip-In Up

On MY...What a day...I have pictures of the carnage, but will have to try to show that later to you.  
I wanted to show you something else right now!!!!
Yes, our chip-in is would you please share the word and help us raise the money to bring our little darlin’s in China home...adding our little girl will require at least an additional $10,000.00;
but that’s not what I wanted to show you!  Are you ready?

Yes, here they are...Asher and if she wants, we 
would like to give her the name Noelani - beautiful 
girl from heaven. 
Our little girl had a family that came for her to adopt her, but then they were unable to do so.  Our little girl went back to the orphanage that day believing that her forever family had not yet found her.  This is as much as I feel I should share publicly about her story at this time, but I can tell you what the LORD did to bring her to us!!!  When we fell in love with our little Asher, we also noticed a little girl that captured our hearts.  We were unable to adopt two at this time because of policies, etc.  So we began to pray that she would find her family.  We advocated for her and many families looked at her file...yet, it was obvious that her family had not found her yet.  We continued to pray for her.  Long God story turned short, we had always asked if we could consider adopting this precious girl, but because of various things, it just wasn’t really possible.  Then the week before Thanksgiving, we were able to look at her file, and, what can I say...we knew....we were hers and she was ours.  We sent in more paper work and prayed for pre-approval...and received it.  
So what seemed impossible, well, with the LORD all things are possible, and I have noticed that the LORD will bring His children home when we pray for them.  So, in faith we started out adopting one, and in faith we will bring home two....
ARE THEY NOT BEAUTIFUL!!!  Oh my, I love them so, and I am scared...
but that is a different post.
I believe that the LORD will bring them home and create a family for them...
and I am the blessed woman who has been chosen to mother these little darlins.  
Please pray for us and for them!!!!


  1. WOW! How amazing is our GOD? Truly there is NO God like ours!

    Praying for all the provision to come in quickly so the children will be home where they belong!

    Love you!

  2. Tears here, my friend! Both Asher and Noelani are gorgeous, and their names are so beautiful! I am so happy for you, Shonni! Keep being the hands and feet of Jesus! You rock!!!

  3. Shonni
    These children are beautiful,I'm so happy for you.
    You are such a wonderful woman and have such a big heart, God bless your family

  4. Oh my! They certainly are beautiful!!

  5. O Shonni!! I'm so excited for you guys! I sooo remember both of these children and am thrilled to know they are coming home to your family!! Congratulations on both of your precious children. And I love the names you've chosen, too!!

  6. Yes, Shonni, they are beautiful! And the Lord will provide for them to come home. He is good, always!

  7. They are both so precious! Can't believe that you've held out on the DOUBLE blessings news so long! Congratulations and we'll be praying!

  8. I've enjoyed following your blog for a while now. And your TWO precious ones are beautiful. I love to see our God show His heart for the orphan in such amazing ways. Good for you and glory to Him! Congratulations :)

  9. I so love your heart & love hearing about our God that is in the business of relocating mountains!! Of course you are a bit scared, but if you weren't, then I'd be worried. God does His best work through our weakness. I am blessed by your willingness to follow & your "knowing" that you are dependent on Him for your everything! :o)

  10. I am SO excited!

    Now to Him who is able...


    Hoping all things.

    Waiting with expectation.

    Blessings from the North,

  11. They are beautiful! We will pray with you! We are moving forward with the adoption of the little girl whose picture you posted several months ago (you and I have e-mailed about her), and currently are working on pre-approval from China.

    Blessings on your efforts to bring these two darling girls home!

  12. LOVE this!! Absolutely love to see how the Lord is moving!!! You spoke to my ever-so stirring heart!

  13. So happy and excited for you! Understand the scared part. God is good and God is faithful!

  14. Hi, I found your blog from an article on Rainbow Kids. I was wondering if you would be willing to message me the name of the agency you used in Tulsa Ok.

    Thanks very much,

  15. I have to tell you God answered a prayer of mine. I have been praying for this little girl and I prayed that I would find on a blog who was adopting her. And the funny thing is I read your blog all the time so when I saw her picture I was so happy it was you all. Definitely an answered prayer.

  16. Just catching up.

    Oh my, friend, they are simply perfect!!!! Both of them. I can hardly wait to see them home.

    Love you so much.

  17. They are beautiful and I am so happy for all of you. Will be praying for the Lord's will and for His provisions.... He is faithful and will bring your children home.
    God's speed...

  18. Wow!!! This is so AWESOME!! So happy for your family!!! Cant wait to follow your journey!!

  19. How on earth did I miss this???

    They are SOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh, how wonderful!! I have watched these kiddos, and I am so glad they have a family- YOUR FAMILY!!
    Congratulations. Praying for you.

  21. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics and now we can pray for these precious faces.


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