Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

There are still several absolutely precious boys waiting for their families to find them HERE on ASIA’s site.

Could one of these darling boys be your son?  Let’s spread the word for these boys and the others who wait and help their mommy and daddy find them!!!


  1. I wish, Shonni! :( I have such a heart for children and for adoption, but have recently found out the laws in Australia are very strict - there are on average only 10 international adoptions a YEAR into our country! I'm researching why it is so hard. I believe long-term placement through the foster system of an Australian child is the only real option. I have always imagined adopting from Africa or Asia, so now I'm praying really hard about that!!!

    These boys are just beautiful. :) I would love them both in a heartbeat. xx

  2. What gorgeous boys with precious smiles


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