Saturday, February 18, 2012

He Provides

“He provides food for those who fear Him; He remembers His covenant forever.” Ps. 111:5

 I walked out early this morning in my favorite warm Saturday pajamas and my snow boots to see if the chickens had given us some eggs for breakfast.  I needed a few more eggs to have enough.  The air was cold, but being warmed by the sun and the quietness was refreshing to my soul.  
As I searched the chicken house for a few hidden treasures, the chickens clucked around me wanting their breakfast also.  Six eggs where just enough this morning, and six is what I found.  “Thank you chickens” I said to them, and “Thank you LORD” is the prayer I said as I walked back to the house. 

He remembers His covenant with us.  May we also remember the covenant of love He has made with us, and thank Him each day for His provisions. 


  1. Very cool you were provided just what you needed!!

    Although how in the world could you only need six eggs? My kids eat eggs like they grow on trees! 6 is just the first round that fits in the frying pan!! :) Wishing we could have chickens would save us a lot of $$.

  2. I love this, Shonni!

    What beautiful evidence of God's exact provision.

    I get way more eggs than we can I prayed that God would bring me some buyers. Sure enough, He provided. I sell every single egg that we don't eat. None leftover, none lacking.

    God is SO GOOD!!!

  3. thank you for sharing your heart and family with such passion ..
    i continue to prayer for you precious family ..
    your sister in florida ..
    jackie =)

  4. PROVISION and protection = LOVE :)

    **I tagged you in a

  5. That is neat that you have your own chickens!

  6. That is neat that you have your own chickens

  7. So much to be thankful for!

    God is so good!

    Wish we could have chickens! Oh my, if we did we would have the city inspector here in record time ;-(


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