Thursday, February 16, 2012


Now see, I’m one of those persons who see debate as an argument.  So I tend to avoid them like the plague.  
Yet, my husband and my daughter, Caresse, are showing me that the art of debate can be a very good and healthy form of communication.  This is the first year that Caresse has been involved in a Speech and Debate Team ... one of the largest home school speech clubs in the country.  
I am so proud of the work that she has done to prepare for her first ever competition.  (Though, I think that because she is her father’s daughter, she has been practicing debates for years...LOL).  Caresse has spent months perfecting her original oratory - an original speech that she wrote and memorized.  Guess what it was about - the medical help of herbs.  She has loved herbs for years, so this was such a natural and passionate topic for her.  
Today, she gave her 1st ever speech.  I heard she did great.  I couldn’t be there, because I took Kalyn to the doctor for the 3rd time to decide the best course for her health.  She is severely anemic which is why she has been so sick.  And yes, I am having my little “herbalist”, Caresse,  look into natural ways to help Kalyn. 
Thank you all again for your precious comments and encouragement as we continue to adjust as a family with Noelani and Clive.  Today I really focused on “love is patient, love is kind.”  Time to stop fussing and start “exercising” some love.  There were plenty of opportunities to “exercise” love.  And what I saw today was a little girl who wants so badly to be loved!  Praying that the walls continue to come down!!! 


  1. Go Caresse!

    That explains a lot with Kalyn. Bless her heart.

  2. Yeah for debate! Good job Caresse!
    I was thinking, if you havent read the book "The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog", Id love to mail you my copy! I wish I had read it much sooner than I did, it touched on many of the issues my kids struggle with, like disassociation. Let me know your address if youd like me to pass it your way!

  3. Caresse sounds like an amazing daughter to have!! You are so blessed to have so many amazing daughters!! :)

  4. Just a quick thought for Kalyn's anemia 9and for any of your children who are struggling with eating certain things/getting enough of the right vitamins -> Search MORINGA TREE online and see if you can get even the dried leaf powder in your area. It is truly a miracle tree and our God definitly knew what he was doing when he created it :)


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