Monday, February 27, 2012

I’m Riled Up This Morning

Do you know why we keep adopting internationally and not domestically?
Do you know why we don’t foster children right here in our own state?
Because MY state says “no” to me!  My state has a rule that says “Eight is enough”, and will not permit us to adopt right here in our own country or state.  My state will not allow us to foster children here in Colorado. 
So we travel half way around the world because there are always children hoping and praying that someone will “see” them and say “yes” to them.
I CAN be a voice for them though.
Will we as Jesus followers continue to NOT see the children around us in our own cities and states and give them a chance?
You may be afraid, but say “yes” and see what love grows!


  1. HA. That is why we started adopting internationally, too. Except our state wouldn't let us foster adopt because we were homeschoolers. At the time we were trying, DYFS had just given a 12.3 million settlement to state adopted kids who were 'homeschooled', though the social worker was there, she never took these kids out of the abusive situation. And these kids were never homeschooled. They were just kept at home. Unlike their bio-kids who went to school. huh.

    Regardless, we also realized we were not adopting here because our daughter was...there. :)

    1. WOW! We homeschool and are able to foster/adopt as we have for some time and are entering into our 3rd adoption process. We live in Tennessee. However, we are just not allowed to homeschool our foster children until they are adopted. We once had 1 child going to public school and 5 at home and that was interesting. I can't believe your state will not let you foster adopt just because you homeschool! So sad.

  2. Ditto. My husband and I were so sad that we had to stop being foster parents. Our state says only six kids total in the home. We even had to get a waiver to adopt internationally from our state although I just heard that they dropped that rule. It will be 5 or more years before we have less than 6 kids. Now we are advocating. But it sure doesn't seem fair if we have space, time, and love.

  3. it never ceases to make me cry....

    despite the fact that reality is different than portrayed... :-)

    I wish we could do more.

    They will only let us have 6 kids in our house. Vanessa turned 18, so we have room for one more. Next year Brianna turns 18...

    But completely waiting on the Lord's leading.

  4. WOW! It amazes me that our states continue to cry "we need foster homes" yet qould turn away a family!!! I believe Texas is up to 12 and after that you go into a new level of group home.

  5. i don't know what the "limit" is for Michigan {we have six}, but i've just spent the last few weeks with emails and phone calls between the social worker we've always used and the state to see if we could get our homestudy updated to adopt a child between 0-3 years through foster care. long story short, we were discouraged to bothering trying to adopt that young through foster care unless we would be willing to adopt 8 years or older or go through private adoption, or get licensed for foster-to-adopt.....none of which we feel that God is leading us towards at this we wait on His timing and guidance.

  6. Michigan is fair to all those waiting children!

  7. I'm riled with you! Been through it here in the States. Just brought home our second sweet daughter frome China and I'm riled about her physical condition due to neglect and all she is going through. But God knows...and we shall never give up trying and praying. One child at a time (or two) as He leads. Whenever I read your blog I pray for you all.

  8. so frustrating, for sure. our state just changed the laws to 6 (fortunately after our 6 sibs from foster care were already in our home!). . . praying for more people willing to adopt domestically and internationally, though!

  9. Me too.....except you can adopt domestically....
    You can't foster- that is true, but MOST- NOT ALL states will allow you to adopt through foster care :).....but it is NOT always easy.....especially finding people who believe in big families!
    And you can adopt domestically NO MATTER HOW BIG YOUR FAMILY IS :) It's true.

    BUT I LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE GOING OVERSEAS, because we can't......and I would love to again. Of course really I would love to adopt from anywhere again!!!!! :) he he he he he...

    If anyone has questions about adopting domestically- I have answers. You know like how to adopt domestically, where to start, how to get noticed in the foster care world of adoption, how to foster, what the process is, etc. :)

  10. I'm really interested to see this post today. My husband and I just attended our first fostering-licensing class last night, and they told us the rule that we can't have more than 5 (here in NC) kids in our home. We have one biological and about to give birth to our 2nd, and right now looking to foster-to-adopt one more. But we have the desire to have several more birth children AND adopt more...including international. I am going to have to be vigilant about these rules. I have no desire for the state to dictate to me how many kids I can or can't have, besides the many other rules they place on you! Do you know if, once you adopt, is the rule still applicable, or does it only apply to taking in foster children?
    By the way, I love reading your blog and seeing how God is working through your family. you are an inspiration! My husband and I love missions and adoption and it is our dream to help children, but as we get closer it is scary! So I love to see how God is working in your family's lives, it's very encouraging!!

  11. Well, that answers that question... Hmmm 8 is enough HUH! I don't think so and who said that based on what data?

    Our hearts are in line! And YES we are hopeless ;-)

    Hopelessly in love with the Lord and HIS children!

    We have thought about adopting domestically BUT it looks like it is not an option for us...

  12. So sad! Our state is worse....6 is enough according to the state of Tennessee while 6 children is nothing to us! Once we finalize the adoption of our 3 year old foster son later this year we will be maxed out after 3 homegrown and 2 adopted in 2011. I of course get the "girl, I don't know HOW you do it!" and "MY you have your hands full!" comments every time I leave the house with my six pack but in reality my hands are NOT full, we are managing our six quite well and I know I could handle more. I keep reminding the Lord of this in my prayers, that if it is His will then send them to us! And to change the hubs heart...LOL. He is on the state of TN's side and says 6 is enough. Boo! :)

  13. Washington State also says "6 is enough". We maxed out our household 21 years ago. Those 6 are now gone ... but we have 6 more still at home. People ask us why we adopted from Ghana ... why we didn't "help the poor children in our own state?" Because ... the state wouldn't let us help. So sad.


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