Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Hope She Let’s Us Come Back!

She is learning so much, and I am so proud of her.  Noelani is learning a new language and finding her way around a new culture.  She is so sweet and patient when she needs to be corrected.  And it is usually fun to see this new world through her eyes.  
HOWEVER, today I hope that she learned a lesson quickly.  Noelani had her speech therapy today.  After her therapy, her teacher told her to tell me what she had called her during their time together.  Noelani couldn’t remember what the teacher was talking about.  After a second, the teacher, with a bit of a chuckle, told me that Noelani had signed and said that she was “old”.  She then went on to sign and tell her that her hair was old, her face was old, and her skin was old.  The poor teacher told her that was enough, as she was beginning to feel rather OLD.  
What could I say?  After many apologies, I told the teacher that Noelani is also learning what is appropriate in America.  
I had a talk with Noelani on the way home.  I hope she understood, and I sure do hope that the teacher will let us come back.  LOL


  1. Oh dear...that's too funny!

    I LOVE that photo of the two of you!

  2. Kids are just so honest!!! lol That can be a good thing and a bad thing, right? :)

    Your sweet girl is adjusting to a lot, indeed! Sounds like her speech therapist....with her little chuckle....understands completely.

  3. who are you using for speech?

  4. Hahahaha :-). Glad that Noelani is learning so much! And we are praying for Garett, too. Love, Chenning

  5. This is too funny! Sounds like she is able to get her point across!

  6. haha!! Sounds like the therapist understands! My Conner got in trouble for telling his therapist that he didn't like her. She was very mad about it - I said, "well, he did use his words, right? and he pronounced it well enough for you to understand, right? Sounds like all is good." and yes, I spoke to conner later but she really wasn't very nice and he didn't like her - so he was just being honest.
    Also, I love your hair!!!! Looks great!!

  7. Our Chinese daughter is 7 and has been home about a year and a half. She just does NOT understand why her dad does not like it when she calls him fat. She thinks that if it is true, she should be able to say it. :) HOWEVER, she does not like one feature of her own. So, I nicely asked her if it was okay for me to repeatedly point that out and call her that name "since it was true". Clearly that was NOT okay, but I still don't think she GOT it.


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