Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Is Truly Tragic!!!

Sadly, Kalyn and I, along with our friend Aspen, where there when this horrible fire started up in the mountains behind Colorado Springs.  We went to Cave of the Winds for a tour. 
(Warning...lots of pictures)
 This is what the fire looked like when we drove into the parking lot.
 We were evacuated from Cave of the Winds.  I had to drive west to turn around.  And this is what was just to the north of the road we were on - I-24.

 We went to Red Rocks to hike since plan A failed.  You can see the fire behind Kalyn.

 We enjoyed our hike, though it was 98 degrees. 
 When we got back to our car, this is what the mountain west looked like.  That was on Saturday.

This is the view from my house (a long way from the fire.)  This is not a cloud.  It is smoke.
Smoke to the north/west.
All these pictures show the smoke to the west.  The fire has moved down the foothills and is now burning into the west side of Colorado Springs.

The below pictures are smoke clouds.

Please pray for our city tonight.  The Air Force Academy is now evacuating in the south area.  We have ash even falling all the way out here where we live (25 miles away).


  1. Oh my word, that is so horrific!!

    Two of my teen kiddos are in Woodland Park for youth camp...but they are moving them (over 170 students) closer to Colorado Springs in morning because of the smoke. They are attending the Desperation Conference which starts tomorrow.

    Praying, praying, PRAYING for rain.

  2. We live off Powers in the springs and its really bad...so far no evacuations our way but it doesnt look promising...Glad you guys are safe and we are praying too...blessings, K

  3. Just watched a 200+ picture Slide Show on denverpost.com . Devastating. Heartbreaking! So. So. Sad.

    Praying for safety for your family and others we know in the area.



  4. Shonni...praying hard here. My son had surgery in CO Springs yesterday and his home area was evacuated while he was in surgery. He and his grandmother are relocating to a friends' house because he will be released today. The Navigators sent out an urgent prayer request for the grounds at Glen Eyrie because their youth camp is in danger, as well as some of the other buildings on their grounds. Thank you for posting the pictures.

  5. prayers of protecion .. and good judgment .. for all those making decisions for everyones safety ...
    your sister in florida ..

  6. these pictures are frightening, praying that they are able to put this fire out quickly.

  7. it truly is tragic. Praying that the weather cooperates and the fires are under control and stop.

    You pics say it all...

  8. ohhhhh Karin! praying for your son and his grandmother! This is soooo sooo scary!

  9. oh my goodness.... thanks for posting the pics :o( I'm originally from Pueblo (now living in Missouri). My heart is so sad for all of the families affected by the fire. We had plans to take our little boys to Flying W Ranch to see "the real cowboys" ~ we were all so so sad to hear that it no longer exists. Prayin' for your fam. Blessings, Denise


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