Wednesday, June 13, 2012


-First, Garett is doing great.  
-2nd, that wasn’t the problem.
-3rd, we still do not know what is causing the gagging.
THANK YOU all so much for your notes and prayers for us today.  It meant so much to me to read them all!
Garett’s esophagus looks fine, and there is no blockage of any kind.  However, the doctor did discuss with me how much tissue there seems to be in the back of Garett’s throat.  So he is referring us to a pediactric ENT at the Children’s Hospital in Denver.  Goodness, I am glad that we live close to Denver.  This will be our 5th trip there this year.  
I am so thankful that we serve the LORD God of Heaven and Earth.  I know that as we ask, He will answer, as we seek, He will show us, and as we knock, He will open what has been closed!
So our journey will take us North to Denver - not sure when yet.  
Please pray with us and for dear little Garett.  
Thank you so much again.


  1. I will continue to pray, Shonni!

  2. Will be praying for your little darlin'.

  3. Glad everything went well, though sorry you don't have answers yet:(We'll keep praying!

    We have the way to Children's down so much this year that I think my car can find it's own way! We are headed back there in July for several days:)

  4. well it's good to have some of the "could-be's" behind you ,,,
    but it sure would be nice to pin down what the real prolbem is here ..
    will continue to pray along with you as you continiue to investigate and
    rule things out ...
    blessings and love from a praying sister in florida

  5. I'm so sorry- that must be so, so hard to watch him be so hungry for so long now:( Raegan had something similar for a while...lots of gagging and vomiting, lost a lot of weight, and terrible headaches for several months a couple of years ago. No one could figure it out..but we changed doctors and the new doctor found the cause. It was a GI bug that had probably been dormat for a long while because it was never picked up in prior testing. Once she was treated the gagging/vomiting/headaches went away for good. It sounds like it's a different situation there; but I understand how AWFUL frustrating it is when something is "missed" and your child suffers because of it. Prayers you find the answer soon.


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