Thursday, June 21, 2012


Tomorrow I get to be home all day!!!!!  Yea, that’s pretty major if you knew what these last few days have looked like.  
Kalyn is home from her mission trip to Guatemala safely.  It sounds like a wonderful time.  There was a medical team, an eye glass team, a construction team (where Kalyn mostly worked), and a teaching time just for married couples.  And guess WHO they ran into and spent the night with in Guatemala city?  AMY AND TODD BLOCK from  Building The Blocks.  
This family is very passionate about helping the handicap children of Guatemala.  
If you do not know this precious family, then you need to.  Go, Go now and visit them (and then come back here O.K.?)

Garett is doing pretty good right now.  I think the little bit of stretching helped.  We still need to see an ENT in Denver sometime.  
I met with our Dr. this morning to get a referral to have Clive evaluated.  I need to know “what” it is that we are dealing with so that we can better help him.  I am finding Brian Post’s information helpful to me right now.
We are still home schooling.  UG.  I fell behind so; you do what you got to do.  
Steve wrote something that he is putting on face book later.  He really felt the need to share his heart.  I will share it here later.
How are ya’ll doing?  I have missed not being able to catch up on your blogs.  It has been so bad that we have had breakfast meals three nights in a row.  I think that is a first.  Kalyn blessed us this morning and put a slow cook meal together while I was running to the doctor appointment.  
Keshawn just noticed that I had come back from town (before I run back in at 2:00), and gave me a sweet hug and said “Mommy, I love you too.”  Ahhh, now that is worth coming home to!!


  1. Busy busy days. I am glad that Garett is doing better. That is just an amazing thing he is having to deal with. Poor boy!

    My girls are flying away this summer for a month... I know how excited you are to have your big girl home!!!!!

    We are also getting the twins "evaluated" in July. I just want to understand what is going on and have a baseline eval... God bless.

  2. Enjoy your day at home! God bless you as you serve your little ones! I love reading about your family!

  3. Love the Block Family!!!!

    PRAYING for your family...for hard to know what to do. Just praying!

  4. Love you! So glad Kalyn is home safely! Would love to see a post from her about her experience! :)

  5. Shonni,
    Breakfast for dinner is great! We do it all the time. Just did it last night:) its all good. At least you fed them;)
    What's up with Clive??? You haven't said much about him.
    We are adopting a little girl with DS now in china and will get her the same time we get Ashlyn. So excited!


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