Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bunk With The Beast

Yep, seven children (all these great pictures were taken by Kalyn),  and I enjoyed our Christmas gift from Steve’s family; we spent the night in the Denver Zoo.  It was so awesome and special.  There were several canvas tents set up and we stayed in one with another mother and her two children.  
We were able to see so much that the general public doesn’t see during normal hours. 

Our “village” home for the night.

Lot’s of fun learning opportunities!!

We got a tour of the animals kitchen, large walk in refrigerator, and the large walk in freezer.  She is showing us frozen blood for the vampire bats.

These are the baby flamingos, only 3 weeks old, being fed by momma. 

Fruit bats - aren’t they cute?

This elephant show was really special....
...he swam in the water, and “begged” for food.  It was really cute. 

Of course, treats;
and fun interaction.

Really cool fish,
and do you see the hidden seahorse?

Kalyn captured this really fun mirror reflection of this fish.

We enjoyed watching the lioness show us how she works with her trainers so that they can keep her healthy.

Amazing bird pictures (thanks Kalyn!!)

Fun, while we learn.

This orangoutang and I had a moment of “connecting”.  He just sat at stared at me for some time.  It was pretty cool.

This was a very special time with my older children.  I am so thankful to Steve’s family for this fun gift.  We will never forget it.


  1. What an awesome gift!! I wonder if my zoo does that.

  2. so Cool!! looks like the kids had a great time and they all look so cute, but the fruit bats no so cute. :)

  3. With that eye contact, I see another adoption in your future! ; ) Don't you need a huge, hairy child to rock and snuggle with? What a fun time for a family! And, a very clever and thoughtful gift. ~ Hugs, Jo

  4. How incredible!! I'm asking for this for our kids Christmas!!! How awesome!!!!

  5. Looks so fun!!! My little girls loved the animal photos. They were very little the last time we visited the Denver Zoo (actually, I think Morgan and Raegan were the only ones here then) so it was fun to show them your photoso of exhibitis some of us had seen. We just finished our unit on bats...they LOVED seeing the photo of the fruit bats!!! Blessings, Jennifer

  6. That is the coolest thing EVER!!!! What an experience all of you will never forget...soooo cool!

  7. What an incredible experience!!! I wish we had a zoo nearby. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera did you use for these pictures? I'm looking to buy a new camera, and though I don't have your skills and talent, I'd love to at least have quality equipment. Thanks for sharing the fun with us.


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