Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lake Remembrance 2

Pretty water baby.

Dandy is VERY careful when he has anyone in the water!  He taught that to my brother, Kim,  also, who probably saved my life this year from an i....t that wasn’t watching for skiers that were in the water.  I’m glad for our men who take care of us all!!!

Uncle Kim and Aunt Karla blessed the children this year with a new toy.  It is called the EZ Trainer and is to skiing what training wheels are to a bicycle.  Even 3 year old Keshawn was able to stand on it and hold the rope.  

And because fun can never be interrupted, you take naps when and wherever you can!

Kalyn really enjoyed playing with her graduation/birthday gift - a fantastic little Canon with a great big attitude!  She got some WONDERFUL pictures with it to!

Every year my children enjoy the attention of family who is more than willing to teach them to swim and be safe!!!!  I love my family!!

Yea, he’s cute...what can we say.

Gommy enjoys a story from Garett.

Dandy, Kalyn and Karlie love to talk photography!

Sun kissed Caresse is always up for a game.

Accommodating daddy “let’s” some playful children shove him in.

Our newest, Clive and Noelani, really enjoyed the lake.  I don’t think they had ever been swimming, but like everything else they do, they worked hard to learn it and were soon jumping and playing with the rest of them.  
I am more grateful than I can ever say for our family!  What ever you do, with little money or more, spend time playing with your family.  It is the greatest investment you can ever make.  


  1. Love it! So happy for you guys!!!

  2. What a blessing Shonnie! What great memories they will all have!

  3. I'm so glad that you had this wonderful time with your family!!!

  4. Looks like such a wonderful vacation! I pray that you're feeling better and are able to enjoy all the fun.

  5. Such a blessing to have such wonderful times with your family!!!

  6. I love your lake memories! It looks like so much fun!!

    There's nothing better than family fun!!


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