Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake 2013

 Aiden is using the sign for water.  Ha-ha, I guess we ought to let them in every once in a while, huh?

 What boy doesn’t love to drive boats?  Uncle Kim is a great teacher!!!

 My buddy boo, Landon, will be jumping those wakes soon.  

Bluez loved to sit behind the driver.  Silly dog.

What’s to say... he is adorable.

 Yep, him too!!!

 Ahhh, life is so perfect when you are riding on a boat with those you love.

 Uncle Kim and Kalyn have a very special relationship.  Love these two!!

 Jace and Aiden have a very special relationship too... I believe the exact words that were being said in this picture are;  Aiden -“Don’t touch the curls.” Jace - “Ha, I’ll touch the curls if I want to.”  Gotta love brother love.

 My sister (IL) Karla, on a perfect summer afternoon.

 Already missing my oldest;

 And this cute little blond!

And this is the youngest wake boarder in our group - 5 year old Aiden.

More pics tomorrow.  Need to start extensions on Joeliana’s hair.


  1. looks fun. Great family memories. And I can so relate with missing the older ones. Good to see them fly, but hard too!

  2. Your babies keep getting more and more beautiful! Can I say that about boys? Go Aiden! WOW!!!!

  3. What fun, what fun!
    This reminds me of our trip in June when we went boating with family!


  4. Looks like such a fun, wonderful vacation!

    I pray that you are feeling better!

  5. What a great family time!! Ahhhh- summers are the best!!

  6. Looks like a LOT of FUN!

    We usually spend a week or two at a lake in the summer, but aren't able to take any vacations this year. So sad. We LOVE boating, wake boarding, skiing, swimming, etc . . .



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