Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amy's Blog Giveaway

Amy is doing a giveaway and guess what it is?

A beautiful necklace from one of my favorite places...Junk Posse - Oh, how I love her jewelry.

Tracy at Junk Posse created this brand new necklace and it is the big GIVEAWAY!
Its the Ethiopian Angel Wing necklace. ($80 value)

Artistic Tracy noticed that the country of Ethiopia is shaped like a wing... so she created this cute necklace!

So go visit Amy at Ethiopia or Bust to find out how to enter to win this beautiful necklace


  1. That is beautiful.
    check out my blog. I also do alot of jewelry. A fellow blogger is doing a give away for me. Nothing wrong with getting in on the free stuff.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace. I'm getting one as a gift for my niece and our new daughter!

    I'm here if you need to vent because I have several little ones testing the limits over and over again! I keep reminding myself this too shall pass!

    He is refining me more and more each day all for His glory!

    Big hugs from a Mommy who understands!


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