Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear Family & Friends-Please Feel Our Pain....

I'll share the funny thing about this story at the end...

till then...

please "feel" our pain!!!

A father drove up to our house, with three cute little boys in tow, boy scouts...I should have run...we have no extra money because we are bringing home our newest son from Ethiopia. However, the little boy scout sold me from the start on "pop corn"...
I paid that day and went on with my life.

Enter, funny God moment:
I had forgotten about boyscout popcorn, when last week I felt that the LORD wanted us to do without the microwave...
OK, I thought...I'll put it in the closet "in case we needed it". So we have spent the last week without a microwave...learning to
heat our food in the oven for any left overs. Now, on a funny note, the broiler broke about this time, and no matter what my sweet husband tries to do, it will not work. So we are really working with half an oven...

OK, today, "cute boy" scout comes to our house with our popcorn....YEAH...
Oh no, we are fasting the micro-wave..."
Not a problem, special family time, lets pull that sucker from the closest and have us some special popcorn....
I'll let the pictures tell some of our story....

acorn love-09




That's right, when we pulled out the microwave for our special treat, it began to have a "BAD" smell. It didn't take us long to realize our microwave had "passed on to greener pastures" . How dare it die now....the nerve...I have 9 children waiting for POPCORN.
But, my man was not detoured...he broke open those "microwave" bags of popcorn, put those seeds laden in bad fats and salt and popped them the "old fashioned way"
Moral of the story...none...
but I hope you enjoyed this true story and never let a microwave define your eating habits.


  1. How funny! We went to Kazakhstan to adopt our 4th child and "roughed it" for 3 and a half weeks. We got such a kick out of their mini appliances. We did things like hang clothes to dry and cook on a stove. It's fun to learn what you can live without.

    I read a great book a couple of years ago called "Better Off" by Erick Brende who goes to live with some conservative Amish for 18 months to see how much technology really makes us happy or to what degree it interferes with out lives. He and his wife draw some interesting conclusions and decide there may be benefits to the simple life.

  2. Love it! The only time that we have had a microwave is when we lived (with our four kids) in a little 900 square foot apartment.

    By the way, I caved when the boy scouts came to our house, as well. I just bought the already popped version (with chocolate on it!).


  3. Oh that is tooooo sweet. I'm sorry about your microwave--but hey, they're bad for you anyway. Who needs it, right?

    I did really get a chuckle out of seeing your dear hubby hugging the dead microwave :) Poor guy. So glad he improvised.

    Love you!

  4. What a fun post & a sad bunch you have!!LOL
    I always do our popcorn on the stovetop - it's so easy & if you buy the bags of just corn kernals it's so much cheaper.:)

  5. Oh my goodness gracious...that is the cutest, funniest, most adorable post ever!!! I love it! Yay for popcorn! And YAY for husbands who are industrious enough to turn those frowns upside down!

    Thanks for making me smile!

  6. y'all crack me up!!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning!!!

  7. ;-(

    Pouting with you, but slowly breaking into a grin

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  8. LOL...too funny! Love your "moral of the story"! :) Glad your were still able to enjoy the popcorn.

  9. The story of Bosco, a Ugandan boy who lost his home in a storm
    if anyone would like to read about him.

  10. So sorry about the passing of your microwave! So many sad faces at your house- thank goodness Hubby saved the day!

    I did rush over all concerned thinking I was gonna have to fall to my knees for your "pain" but it was just the microwave- it you want I will pray for your microwave but I'm guessing you all have smiles on your face now!

  11. LOL! At least you can deal with "tragedy" with humor. Glad it isn't more serious... I mean, I feel you pain, but ... :-)

  12. So funny!!!! Your family is precious!

  13. I have such great memories of my dad making popcorn on the stove. I can never get it to turn out like he does--so microwave it is. Glad your hubby was successful in getting some popcorn for your little darlin's. :)

  14. you are too cute.
    Your hubby is such a hero!
    I have never even heard of boy scout popcorn. hmmm... I must be missing something yummy!

  15. We have 2 poppers like that. Don't you love 'em! :)

  16. what a cute (ok, maybe not at the time) story with pics!!! loved the pics. :)

  17. I just had to leave a comment because this was just too funny to read!!! I must show my husband who is a popcorn lover, in fact we have a whirly pop also and NO microwave for the last five years!! (We just do not have the space for it in our small English kitchen and have now gotten so use to not having one that we only think about it when the coffee or tea goes cold!!!) I am sure will buy one in the future if we move house and there is space!! Ha, ha!!!

    Love your faces..... so precious!!!


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