Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I REALLY, REALLY Don't Like Plan B

Remember the pretty hair in beads that bounced when she ran...

It's all gone. Joeliana cut pieces out of her hair during nap time with the finger nail scissors. The damage was to much, so I had to cut the rest off. Those of you with African daughters know the true horror of this...it could take a year or longer to get her hair that long again.
I'm really sad about this since I have been working so hard to get her hair long and healthy. She was so sick when she came home from Liberia that her hair was dry and in sickly little patches. I was so happy that it was finally getting long and pretty.
Well, I may need some strong chocolate later....


  1. OH my....I know you are devistated! I'm sure you will find a cute way to do it! BTW, I love reading your blog!

  2. So very sorry!!

    We are 4 years home and finally enjoying the longer hair, after most of it fell out initially from malnutrition.

    At least it is hair and it will grow back. And there are lots of cute head bands out there!!

  3. Hey Shonni! First I want to say thanks so much for following my blog! You have a beautiful family! I am very sorry that Joeliana cut her beautiful hair off, but it will most definitely grow back! I created a post for you on my blog, I hope you do not mind!

  4. Oh My- I am so sorry. I do have to say she is adorable with short hair too but I know what you mean. To me there is a sense of freedom you get with long hair. In the orphanages the shave their heads and chop it off but once they are home they are free to wear it long or anyway they like.

    I bet she learned a good lesson. Like Donna said you and Kalyn will make it cute!

    Our big sis Katie always comes to the rescue at times like this!

  5. oh I am so sorry... I know how us mommy's feel about hair.
    Maybe now since she is healthier and receives great nutrition it will grow faster.

  6. My cousins hair was short like that, but it was mainly from her mom not knowing what to do with it. I would say headbands to decorate her hair, and hair that short loves water, so you can definitely wet her hair more and add conditioner to help it grow quicker. At her length it's too short to style. I will check back in a month and see how things are going. Best of luck to you!

  7. I came over from Nik's blog. This has happened twice to my daughter. She didn't cut it though, her older brother did! Needless to say our scissors our locked up in the top of a closet now.

    You just have to be patient and let it grow back out. I've gotten really cute bows at Wal-Mart that I put in the front of her hair and sort of to the side. You can get some really awesome headbands at Icing and Claire's right now. They have some with flowers on the side, rhinestones, and even faux peacock feathers.

    Good news is, it will grow back! -Cassie

  8. Oh goodness!!! I guess we can play the "Glad Game" from Pollyanna...
    "I'm glad she only had tiny nail clippers...We don't even want to imagine the damage that could have been done with a larger tool!" Our son Ammon did something similar the night I left for Ghana. I had to buzz his whole head just to try to even it up... If you knew Ammon you would know that his hair is a big deal to him... He learned a big lesson that evening... He will NEVER be his own barber ever again. The results of his labor were just to hard to take!
    Give her a kiss and tell her that it will grow back in no time...
    BTW: What product are you using? Noah just hates for me to pick out his hair. I am not prepared to have his hair short but I would like hair time to be less dramatic... The "Pink Stuff" everyone says to use is pretty much useless... If you would email me I would like to try what you are using... Thanks, Kiera Kiera@Ritterbusch.us

  9. Oh, no! Our daughter, Yana, donated her hair a number of months ago. Lily did also. Lily's hair has grown back beautifully, but since Yana's hair is very curly it hardly seems to have grown at all!


  10. ARGH!!! I am so sorry. Sending you a big ole' honkin' piece of cyber chocolate!!

  11. Oh Shonni - I'm so sorry!

    Someone did that to my hair when I was little and I looked like a boy for months. It was horrible!

    Praying that her hair grows back quickly now that she is home and so healthy!

    Hugs and love,

  12. Oh no! I hope it grows super quickly. My son cut his twins hair the other day as well - I cried - I can either shave his hair or leave it patchy - I'm leaving it patchy.

  13. Oh NO! I am sorry...but she still is so beautiful! I am sure she will *work it!*

    Giggling that someone is playing *The Glad Game!*

    Sending you a big hug...the beads will come out again Shonni...wait and see!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  14. Oh nooooo---she actually cut her hair!!!! Eekkk, no fun for mama. Forget the chocolate, my friend--I think I'd be reaching for something a wee bit stronger :):):)

  15. Oh man I'm sorry my friend. We had that happen here once too- I cried. The good news is- she is still adorable even with short hair. :0) Hope you found your chocolate.

  16. Oh, she is still so precious! WHAT a beautiful family you have!! *Ü*

  17. Oh how sad!

    But ... it doesn't have to be long at all to attach some yarn braids. I taught you how, so I think it's time to give it a try. :)



  18. oh dear... what a heartbreak! UGH! What is it developmentally with kids? Why must they do this???

    My AA son is 3 1/2. He has beautiful hair. He looks so adorable with it combed out and "poofed" up. We keep it really short, as he pulls it out when he gets tired if it is long enough to grab. The lady that cuts his hair said her boys did the same thing and outgrew it! I hope so. I can jsut see him progressing to plucking out his eyebrows and lashes. And if you saw his eye lashes you would know how devastating that would be to the females of this planet! :)

  19. I just thought of a semi style for her. I'm not sure how long it is now, but you can part it in little boxes and braid them and add little barrettes to clip them back or maybe make box parts to the side to frame her face. My friend does her daughter's hair like that and it's always cute!


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