Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hither and Yon

Isn't he cute?
So, my mind is "hither and yon" (Adeye and any one else not from Texas, that means "everywhere" and "no where"-LOL)
I'm distracted by the mice that are invading my home. They have NEVER been as bad as they are this year. They seem to jump out at me from everywhere. I can't help it...I scream like a mad woman. Kalyn knows when she hears that scream to come save me. Now, a mouse is trapped in the wall behind me so that as I type I can hear it's attempts to escape. What if he escapes and bites my feet before I can run.....
I'm distracted with thoughts of things to do before I leave for Ethiopia, including Thanksgiving here at my house with Steve's family. Thanksgiving Thursday, I leave Saturday.
What foods to get ready to make it easier for Kalyn while I am gone?
The house needs a really good cleaning before next Thursday...but can't do that to soon, or it will be dirty by then....
Caresse has an MRA early Thursday a.m. to see how the artery is being effected by the problem in her knee and to see if we can wait till January for the surgery....MRA's are harder than MRI's. Caresse has to have an IV with stuff put in through it to help them see the arteries better. It's not an easy thing.
I'm totally not kidding you...I'm afraid to put my feet down on the floor in case a mouse should run across - LOL
So, what do you do when your mind is hither and yon....
I figure a cookie and some milk can't hurt....


And hugging babies will help too!


  1. Our farmhouse had mice EVERYWHERE! They got into everything. I remember the time I pulled out my scrapbooking stuff and one of the pockets of my bag was filled with corn! the mice were storing their winter meals in my bag!!! :) I know how you feel!

  2. I have a fear of mice too- I'd keep my toes off the floor if I were you- while blogging that is!

    Milk and cookies should help!

    So excited for you to travel to Ethiopia!! If I was that close to traveling my mind would be hither and yon, too!!

  3. We just caught a mouse last night here at our house! I think we need a cat!

  4. All I can say is EEEKKK!! I'm terrified of mice!!
    I pray you get all your work done before your trip. Can't wait to see more pictures of that little angel of yours!

  5. You are getting sssoo close!!!!

    I am so excited for you. Hope the mice vacate soon. :o(

  6. Yikes! I do not like mice. We had just one in our last house and I climbed up on the (very tiny) bathroom counter and yelled for David. I didn't care if I woke the kids up! I wasn't getting down from that counter until David came to save me! lol

    Wow! You're having Thanksgiving dinner at your house?! Praying that you have a few quiet moments before you leave for Ethiopia.


  7. Oh my gosh--I am soooo thankful for the explanation. I seriously thought you were quoting Shakespeare, or something...maybe the NKJ Bible, which is soooo out of my league :)

    Oh pleaseeeee don't kill the sweet little mice. Just shoo them away :):):)

  8. My granny used to say "yonder". If she was looking for her keys she'd say they were "out yonder" meaning the other side of the house. And yes, I'm a Texan. I do live in the city, though, so no mice. At least if I do have them my husband keeps me ignorant about it. I'd rather have it that way:)

  9. You are amazing Shonni - mice chaser, Thanksgiving dinner maker, hospital taker and a world traveler all in one week!

    Praying over all the details and for you to find a way to keep the mice OUT of your house. YOu don't want the mice to die in the walls the smells will be HORRIBLE!

    Love and hugs!
    I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see new photos of you with your precious son! By the way these photos were beautiful! You are so pretty!

  10. This is such a "relatable" post :-) Our guard just killed a massive rat that we have been trying to catch for nearly a month, ewwww, grooossss. This is horrid, but what put me over the edge was finding rat poop in the babies bed. SICK!

  11. I would be TOTALLY freaked out over the mice!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. That is so funny Shonni! I mean not, but really it is. You do need a cat! Ours is an excellent mouser. And then Chad feeds them to the snakes. :) Eeeewwww. I know.

    You have so much going on! Breathe in, breathe out. :)

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  13. Did you ever think that you might be frightening that poor little mouse (who only wants to live and eat, probably in reverse order) as much as s/he is frightening you.

  14. Love the child wearing pic! Thats great!


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