Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Playsilks Available!!!!

We have silks!
We are selling play silks to help raise the last of the money that we need to bring Keshawn home.

The size and price is:
-play silks - 35 x 35 - $10.00 each
-tent silks - 55 x 108 - $35.00 each
Shipping and handling is
$2.50 for 3 silks and under
$3.00 for 4 and up

Some irregularities in your hand-dyed silk may occur. Any darker or lighter areas should not be seen as flaws, but as natural characteristics of hand-dyed silk.

I have one tent silk in light purple or I can custom dye another color if you wish.
You can email me at shassoldt@msn to place an order.
Thank you for helping us bring this little one home!


  1. He is sooooo cute!! Just precious!! So exciting you could travel soon!
    How do we order the silk?

  2. I will check on our budget and see what my husband says. I'd love some of these! He is adroable!!!

  3. I love them! So glad they are available now!! Anna (3yrs) told me they will never fit her she is much too little! We assured her we would tie it smaller for her and it would fit! I love the things kids come up with!!
    I will e-mail you my order!!

  4. Can you give us some ideas of what we could use the play silks for? Are they for kids dress up and play?


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