Saturday, March 20, 2010

From Kalyn


When the night comes to claim its due
As the sun bids us farewell with its last magnificent hue
Softly through the house she goes
On her back the joy’s of the day and its woes

Gently bending to plant a kiss
Upon each brow, not one shall she miss
Not till each child has laid down their head
And each last blossom has gone to bed

Shall she lay down in peaceful bliss
With her Father in heaven sending down on the moon beams a loving kiss
Thou the days can be long and weary
And not all misshapes are cute and funny

Still each day she rises to do her best
At raising her young and maintaining her nest
It is with a thankful heart she greets each morning
And prepares for what the day shall bring

Though tears should flow all day
And fights break out along the way
And when in exhaustion she lays down her head
And prays to God to give her strength to walk down the path she’s lead

When she see’s that smile break across her little ones face
And the princesses come up all dressed in lace
When her child succeeds and does their best
Then all her miss giving’s and fears fly away as far as the east is from the west

This is a subject dear to my heart
And I know of no other way to share my gratefulness except to sing it like a lark
Together we go through rain and hail
And sometimes we stand tall, at other times we fail

I write what is close to my heart, my joys and passions
And I just can’t go for long with this to mention
I love my mother she is everything to me
She is my model and everything in life I could hope to be

So cheers to the mothers one and all
Who answered life’s greatest call
To love and to cherish the gifts that God has given them
So from one extremely grateful and thankful daughter’s heart I love you mom and that’s the best I know how to say it.


  1. stunningly beautiful. ..her children arise up, and call her blessed... xo

  2. awwwW! such a sweet post! great poem :))

  3. Simply beautiful.

    Kalyn and Shonni, You have such spunk and zest. I know you are busy sweet friend, but I also know your contagious joy! I invite you to come and get a bit joyful with me. There has been a serious lack of enjoying life in our home over the past few years. I'm busting out, and wanting you to join me, share your ideas, help me start something for others to join in.

    Learnin' Livin' Lovin' life,

  4. Beautiful! You are both so lucky to have each other - blessed is a better word! :-)

    Love and hugs!

  5. What a beautiful poem! Yes to what Jill are both blessed!!

  6. Kalyn, this is beautiful. I'm sure that it made your mom's day. You are so blessed to have one another.


  7. Oh my God this is so beautiful. Kalyn you are such a lovely young lady and I'm sure you've brought such joy to your mother.What a special relationship you two must have, I only pray that I have this kind of relationship with my daughter. What a precious gift.

  8. Kayln, you write incredible poetry! When is your book coming out?
    I love the friendship that you and your mom share! Very special!

  9. Kalyn, that was absolutely wonderful and your beautiful voice captured your mother so perfectly! I would be surprised if there was not a tear or two that reflected her love and appreciation for that poem!! Well done my dear!!


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