Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Day of Ups and Downs...


I had a little time this afternoon to "play with" some textures that I had downloaded. It was a moment in a day of ups and downs to do something quiet that I enjoy doing. I have always loved photography, but I am not creative...I am good at "copying" what the creative people figure out. This picture seems to fit my mood tonight...hesitant to "stick my toes" in the cold waters. 
Caresse is doing great, but as many who have had surgery know, the 1st few days after are the hardest. She woke up after a great night sleep feeling wonderful, and before I could get downstairs she was major pain is the after effect of surgery, pain, and medication. I started her on the pain meds and some food...this sent Caresse into an "up" moment, and then the rest of the day went between quiet, crying, or fine. It is all normal and to be expected, still...I wish I could help her more. I took her up and put what parts of her I could in a warm bath, without getting any of her right let wet...NOT as easy as it sounds...still, it helped her back and other aches. Almost time for more pain meds, and I can tell when it is wearing off...pain meds-good for pain-hard on emotions. So, even though I know that she is doing fine, it has been an up and down day, and we are looking forward to another nights sleep.
Thank you for your sweet thoughts, comments and prayers for our family.


  1. Gorgeous photo and beautifully textured!

    Prayers remain for Caresse!

    Hugs and love!

  2. Beautiful post-processing of your photo. :) Bless your heart--I know it's so hard when our kiddos have surgery. Hope tomorrow is an easier day and each day after gets better and better. hugs!!

  3. Oh, sweet girl.

    Still praying.


  4. I love your photos and what you do with them!! You are so talented!

    (I will send the check for the necklaces this weekend- it has been busy lately)

    Praying that Caresse continues on the road to recovery!


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