Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He Is Home

Steve was able to finally get home tonight. He walked in and asked Kalyn and I to get winter dressed to come outside and help dig out the car that he uses for work. There is no way it was going to make it up our long drive way to the house.

So our greatest hope was to dig it out since it was high centered on the snow, dig a "parking lot" for it to sit in out of the way of the snow plows and...
...turn it around so that the front wheel drive could pull Steve out in the morning (without my help), to go to work. Sometime later, we succeeded, came in and feed children, gave Keshawn his medicine, which he threw up, bathed a few stinky bodies, cleaned up a REALLY messy kitchen and are now trying to get every one in bed. 
Thank you all again, for prayer and sweet comments...
is tomorrow Friday???


  1. Oh my goodness, my friend. It's crazy! Looks like we have more on the way up here :( So. Over. It! I doubt the Ukraine is going to be all sunshine and hot days either. Help!!!!!

  2. Praise God he is home!

    But ugh - sorry about getting stuck - that sure doesn't look like fun or sound like fun!

    Praying for a better day and healing in your home!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Yeah! And Praise the Lord! I was hoping to check in with you this morning and to see some good news. God is so able! Praying that the remainder of your week involves rest, relaxation, and peace!

  4. And hold on for more snow on Friday!?
    At least the fear of forest fires this summer is minimal!

  5. Praying for health for the family.

  6. Glad he made it home. I hope the snow melts soon.

  7. Oh my that is ALOT of snow!! And having sick kids is not fun - poor you.
    Will keep you in my prayers
    Love Jules

  8. So pleased he arrived home. I've never seen so much snow in my life as in your pictures. It looks so much like a fairytale - guess it isn't when you live there though. Digging looks like hard work.


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