Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm In Love!!

It is very hard to find good sheets for our king size bed that we can afford. I have tried a lot, and have always been disappointed...they don't fit well and wear out to quickly. Some time back I accidentally stumbled onto Cara's blog and her store, the Sheet Boutique .
We were needed new sheets, AGAIN, so I decided to give the Fleece sheets a try. My first thought that night as we slept in our new sheets was "Oh My Gosh, I am in love with these sheets." After several weeks, I can say, I am still in love! First, they fit our very deep bed very well. And second, they are just so darn comfortable. 
Did I tell you how SOFT they are!!! Also, Cara was extremely helpful and I will always buy my bedding from her. So you must go try these...I promise, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. We also bought the Bamboo cotton sheets. And we love those too.
This is what Cara's shop says about the Bamboo sheets...." A soft, delightful fusion of Bamboo cotton combined with Egypt's legendary cotton to produce a soft, strong, and silky fabric that is naturally breathable and eco-friendly. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and silky soft all year round, you are sure to love this wonderful new bedding!"

I'm also in love with this little one! Just in case I haven't shown you his adorableness in the last 48 hours.


  1. Oh how I wish I could find SOFT comfy and warm sheets that would fit out bed and stay PUT!

    I will check these out.

    I love when you share his adorableness with us!

    Love and blessings,

  2. Is that your bedroom? I love your blue walls!
    Ohhh, i wish i could kiss Keshawn's beautiful cheeks!
    I hope Caresse is feeling better today.

  3. I just love diving into a bed that's fitted with nice comfortable sheets but I sure love little angelic faces even more.
    What a sweet angel that boy is.

  4. Those sheets sound fabulous, I need to go and check out her site. LOVE your room :)

    Aaahhhh....sweet baby boy. Too adorable. How is your angel girl feeling. Healing well?

  5. More than adorable ... kissed from heaven. Thanks for sharing friend. It's been a while since i have been able to visit, but I love your new header.

    Sara (AKA Sarah Dawn)

  6. what a precious little boy!

    those sheets sound wonderful, too. we're about due for a new set... thanks for sharing this site.

  7. He is such a handsome little guy. I would love to kiss his cheeks and touch his sweet hair. I love him,too.
    And your bed...and room..beautiful. Very pretty!!

  8. He is too beautiful for words. How blessed you are...happy your sheets are more icing on the God blessings.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

  9. Hi Shonni,
    Thanks for your kind words about our store! We aim to please.

    The sheets will bring you joy for several years, but your sweet children will bring you joy for years and years and years to come!


  10. Wow, Keshwan is a beautiful baby. What a blessing he must be to your family.

  11. He is too darn cute :)

    Hello, my name is Leah and I have a tiny blog out of Spokane Wa. I jumped into yours via Peta's 7 little heads in 7 little beds blog (she is so awesome :). My husband and I have been talking about adopting for a few years, we just don't know how/where to start it. Would it be too much to ask for some advice? Anything you would be willing to share would be sincerely appreciated :)

  12. Those sheets sound wonderful! I really like your bedroom - such a relaxing & welcoming look about it.
    Your baby is just so adorable - my hubby was looking over my shoulder & commented on how cute he is.
    Have a good day
    Renata :)

  13. I'm going to check out those sheets! Thanks for the tip. And your baby...he is so stinkin' cute. :)


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