Monday, March 29, 2010

Stuck Stitch

Caresse is doing really good, however, she has been saying that there was a sore spot on her scar. I knew what it was and I also knew it just needed time. Well, tonight was the time. We had to dig out a stitch that had not dissolved. It hurt, but it's out. We are about to have our 3 month post adoption meeting with our social a quick update...everyone is feeling better except Keshawn. I am hoping that his medicine helps him to feel better soon. Can you believe that he has been home for 3 months. I feel like he was ALWAYS mine and I can not imagine my live with out him. 
Ours days are still pretty hard with Keshawn not feeling well. Our home was A MESS, so Sunday, Steve, Kalyn and I really worked hard to get things back in order and clean. We did a short Passover celebration tonight. Steve and I feel it is so important to teach our children about the Biblical Holidays. 
Must run to get ready for the social worker....


  1. Shonni - sorry Caresse had a stitch stuck inside - I know how much that hurts! I'm sorry too that Keshawn still doesn't feel well! Prayers for both of their healing!

    What a wonderful holiday to celebrate - as we focus on our hearts and minds on Jesus this week! I am so blessed to understand the significance of Him as our ONE TRUE Pesach lamb.

    I understand how you feel about Keshawn. I have felt that way about our adoptions as well. He sure is a beautiful little boy! Give him a few extra hugs for me!

    Love you,
    PS I'm loving this study too :-)

  2. We've been celebrating the biblical feasts this year, as well. What a blessing it has been!

    Praying that Keshawn feels 100% soon.


  3. Praying for little Keshawn!!

    And for the knee to finish healing! Stuck stiches are no fun!

  4. Hi Shonni,

    Nice to hear that Caresse is feeling better and I hope that Keshawn gets well also very soon, will pray for them.


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