Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joy in the Mothering

Prov. 31:27 "She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness." 
O.K, I know that some time later in her life, IF Alia finds this picture...well, I hope she has a great sense of humor and laughs, like I do every time I look at it. Kalyn took this picture this past summer on one of our camping trips. Forget about the admonition "Don't play with your food."... "for heaven-sake, don't play with your eating utensils!"

I am busy getting the house cleaned up. We are looking forward to a visit from my parents this weekend. Caresse is hurting, but doing very well. Thank you for your prayers for her. 

I am seeing some habits in our home that I need to work on. I am feeling frustrated that I haven't done a better job dealing with some issues in myself and my children. So, starting next week I am going to focus on one character quality for a week and also some basic family guide lines - you know, like "Don't pick up the chair and throw it at your siblings." (Just kidding, only Aiden is strong enough for this, and I have said it to him, but I probably don't need to make it a "family guide line...LOL). Actually, I'm still trying to figure out the family guide the four younger ones have become older I need to do more training and less reacting. I'll let you know how that goes...
I have been rehit with an important motherhood truth...."MAN, THIS JOB IS HARD!" So, I am also working on my attitude...I want to ENJOY my children!
What are some ways that ya'll (I am from Texas...) find to enjoy this wonderful job of mothering?


  1. i've struggled with this as well- and God has called me into a season of rest (as much as you can rest with 5 kids under 7!) i am pulling out of business- which leads to frustration- and words like "Not now!! i've got to....." my favorite thing to do is read on the couch with them... it calms all of us right down. love it

  2. Shonni - that is a funny picture. I too hope she can laugh at it!

    Each day I am focusing on one precious and sweet moment with our four youngest. Because at the moment they are TIRING and TRYING! I'm in the toughest season yet as a Mom - training, training and disciplining each moment of the day. I am so thankful for the warmer weather finally to get them all outside and tire them out! That has given me great peace and joy during a QUIET nap time. Ahhhhh!

    Hugs and love from a Mom who understands right where you are at!

    God will sustain us by His grace! He will provide all that we need to get through each day doing exactly what He has called us to do. We must simply trust and obey Him...some days moment by moment as we lay down our lives before Him!


  3. Shonni,

    I was thinking this same thing yesterday about Grace. She is so delightful, that I have overlooked some of her uh...humanness. She is very persistent (asking for things over and over and over) and never cleans up her things. But, honestly, I think that it's lack of training on my part. Guess I better get on that!

    I've found that having more kids has helped me to enjoy mothering even more. I'm finally relaxing a bit! Although, I guess that I need to find the balance since all of this relaxing has amounted to a lack of training!!

    I'll look forward to reading some of the answers that people give to your questions.


  4. Love the picture- so glad you shared it with us- made me smile!

    I pray in the morning in bed before I even get up! Then I pray through the day and constantly remind myself to have a sense of humor.

    Things always seem to get off track when you bring home a new child. Give yourself time- you will find a rhythm that works! Remember to be nice to yourself too! Lower your expectations that you put on yourself.

    In July will you tell me the same thing and tell me what worked for you! I know I will be feeling this way after the girls come home!!

    (I am so sorry it has been so busy, I will send the check on Friday or Saturday!)

  5. Shonni,
    I don't know if you are familiar with the Duggars, but one thing I got from them that I now do with my kids is J-O-Y. Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last.
    It's a great daily reminder when the selfish monster starts to creep in and they begin to get "me" focused which can send everything else quickly down hill. :)

  6. Things at our house have really had to be re-adjusted this year. After moving from a 3400 sq. ft. house to a house that is under 1,000 sq. ft. with 6 of our kids ... their behavior has changed a bit. They are just on top of each other all day long.

    Have you ever seen the training material from Doorpost Publishing. We used it when our 6 young adults were little. Now, I've re-ordered all of the material for this next batch of 6 kids.

    Laurel :)

  7. oh honey.... I find the only way I can do it is staying connected to Him all day long. The days I get busy and don't first give Him the day, I feel so much more challenged than when I lean on His strength for the training. I ask for His wisdom with each child, having learned He created them and knows what the root of whatever issue there is. There just is no child rearing book out there that can help you like His inner guidance can. Speaking His word and blessing over each of them is key.
    Some days I feel like a referee more than a mom and it is hard and trying but most of the time that is a day I am not depending on Him like I should.

  8. Hey Shonni! We received the necklaces!! We love them. Ava was very excited that she got one, too. =) I have a picture of us wearing them on my page.

  9. Be in the Word all the time. I tell my children that if I do not read my Bible then I can not be a "good" mommy. Also, desiring to get to the "heart" of the sin in each one of my children. It is so easy to react to the disobedience when there is much more going on in the heart that really must be addressed. Walking in wisdom and understanding, which takes a great humbleness to the Spirit of God.

  10. Shonni~
    I hear ya'! I agree with needing to stay in the Word and on my knees! I get so caught up in the chores of motherhood that I often forget to laugh at the truly funny things going on around me. I find myself escaping to my room several times a day for short refreshing times with the Father. I can't be gone long because it's amazing what can happen in 3 seconds :)
    I get up really early to get in 'my' time. It's the only quiet time in our home, and I have my devotion with the Lord and a little treadmill and reading time...then the Khaos begins!
    Blessings, Friend!

  11. Shonni--just catching up, as I have been in China. SOmeone else mentioned the Duggar's. They have a "house rules" page on the website And a great "Character Qualities" page with 49 traits and definitions!


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