Monday, March 15, 2010

Mercy-I'm Tired!

Does anyone else hate this time change? I do. It really messes up the little darlin's sleep schedule (and mine!). 
We were blessed with such a sweet time with my parents this weekend. My children call them "Gommy" and "Dandy"...such cute names, huh?
One of our favorite things to do is to play dominoes and cards. Yes, that is a picture of my mom behind Kiana - she was 16. She was beautiful then, and she is still the most beautiful lady I know!

Garett had fun showing Dandy and Gommy how well he is reading.
My parents are such a blessing to us and I am so glad that they came to play with us a few days. The children LOVE them and my parents love to spend time with them. They also set an example of valuing matter what their age.  Today they are driving back to Texas.

During one of our games, I came into the family room to find that Aiden had wrapped Keshawn up in two long armed frogs.

It was funny watching Keshawn try to crawl around like this. Aiden has so much fun with his little brother. Keshawn hasn't been feeling well this weekend. He is really fussy. I am praying for a miracle this afternoon...getting 5 small children to sleep at the same time so that I can sleep.

Off to do lunch....


  1. Awesome, wonderful photos Shonni!

    Your family is so beauitul! Caresse looks like she is feeling much better - PRAISE GOD!

    This time change threw me for a super loop - I am TIRED too! Whew!

    Hoping to catch more sleep tonight to make up for what is lost!

    Hugs and love,

  2. Shonni,
    I woke up this morning in the dark and groaned when I should have been praising God for a beautiful weekend. I am NOT a morning person!!! Love the pictures, your family is beautiful! My mom was 18 and still gorgeous as well :)

  3. Your parents sound really wonderful! What a blessing they are to you and to your children, and to many other people, I'm sure.


  4. What a blessing to have your parents come and visit! All 4 of ours have passed away but we were able to enjoy them with our younger kids!
    Love the pictures!

    Praying Keshawn feels better and you get some sleep!
    (BTW-it's in the mail! So sorry it took so long)

  5. Tired too! Thankful for a fun weekend with your parents. Sweet memories for all.

  6. I am so glad you had such a blessed time with your parents there, my lovely friend. The JOY of family :)

    Me too----totally tired! Yuk. Looking forward to some lovely warmer day too. Bring it on.

  7. I love the names your kids gave grama and grandpa, so sweet. I'm with you about the whole time change it's thrown all of us off.

    Love the picture of adorable Keshawn wrapped in froggy arms with his brother loving on him, beautiful family!!

  8. Awww..I LOVE grandparent time! My girls call my mom Gigi. It was supposed to be Granny (like everyone under the sun calls her) but Gigi came out and stuck!

    Great pictures. Gorgeous family! Blessed!

  9. Great pictures...I wish I had a relationhip w/ my parents like that. They must be so proud of you.


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