Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Ready for Screws in Your Head?"

That's what the dentist asked Kalyn this morning. (We LOVE our dentist by the way!!! They have blessed us in more ways than I could count now for over 20 years.)
In the past I have mentioned that my pregnancies where very serious...I was SOOO sick. The doctors tried different meds to help me along during my pregnancy with Kalyn and one had the risk of causing teeth problems for the baby. Sure enough, when her baby teeth came in, two were missing. X-rays revealed that there were also no permanent teeth to come into those spots. So for Kalyn, it has been almost a life time of living with spacers or braces or "flippers" to keep those spaces open till the day it was time for permanent post to be implanted. Well, today was the day. We were both nervous as we gathered 9 sleepy children into the car at 7:00 this morning to get to town for the appointment. 
I am so grateful for our dentists...and the one that did the post today is excellent. The posts basically had to be "threaded like a needle" to avoid damage to the other teeth roots. He did an amazing job. I stayed with Kalyn while Caresse (who has been sick, throwing up for two days), watched the children in the van. I parked the van right outside the window so that I could watch them and be with Kalyn. They just had to wave a hand out the window if they needed me (which was only once in the 2 hours that we were there.)
Kalyn was very numb after wards...she couldn't even feel her nose! She is doing pretty good now. 
Want to see the posts?

This had been a long wait for Kalyn and we are so glad to have this part done. We go back in a few weeks for impressions and then a few weeks later we go back to get her new teeth put in. Kalyn has been so brave and is so excited that soon she will have teeth.
So, that has been our day. 
It is really warm outside, so the children are getting some wonderful sunshine and exercise. I am going to join them with a book I think!!


  1. The title made me laugh!

    Happy for your screws! Praise God!


  2. Praising God for the good dentist and that this will make Kalyn feel better!

    Sending prayers and hugs for all of you!

    Praying health in your home too!

  3. SO glad that you have a good dentist! I have had so many dental issues in my life and a good dentist makes ALL the difference!


  4. God bless her, I am glad everything went okay.

  5. Nice job, from a dentist point of view. It's good to read good comments about a fellow dentist.
    Hi to Kalyn!! I know she'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow. Keep those teeth clean and don't forget to floss!

    Blessings for the whole family.
    (We are still waiting for court date)

  6. Oh wow, that is so fantastic. It amazes me what can be done these days.

    Can't wait to see the end result :)

  7. Bless her heart. I grew up with a "mouth full of trouble." And spent more time that I would to remember in a dental surgeons office. Quick healing.

  8. Hi Shonni,

    With all you have going on - I wanted to remind you that you won my give-away last week. I want to send the CD to you - however, I don't have your email to get your address.

    Mine is

    Thanks and love! Praying Kalyn is feeling better today! Lexi is getting her wisdom teeth out this summer (all 4 are impacted).


  9. That is amazing!! My daughter is missing the same two teeth. She has always wanted a pretty smile. And she is a smiler so when she tries to hide her smile for pictures she just can't help it , she's smiley. Right now she is in braces and getting ready to have false teeth put on the wires. Did your daughter also go through this? She is a lovely young lady. Let her know that my Morgan is also missing the same two teeth. Praying she feels well. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished mouth. Missy in TN


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