Monday, May 30, 2011

Don’t Miss Them

The below is an exert from Sally Clarkson’s Blog, which you can find here.  I know that many of you have been blessed by the sincere heart of Sally.  I am blessed to know her in person and can say that her love for the LORD and her family have blessed me in numerous ways.  

"Sometimes we can get so caught up in our to-do list for the day that we miss the little pleasures and glimpses of beauty that happen all around us. We miss the colors of the sunrise in our rush to get the kids up and ready, or overlook the chirping of a chickadee on the windowsill in the hurry to clean the house before daddy comes home, or shoo away the sweet child holding a flower or leaf she found outside because we’re up to our elbows in dishwater and have already seen fifty million of them when we walked to the park earlier that day.  
What are some little things–blessings or pieces of beauty–that you see when you open your eyes to the joy of the moment?

I love this reminder to stop and LOOK at the blessings and beauty that I might be rushing past.  I’m gonna pull out my camera more often this week and “see” more of the moments that I might be missing and stop and praise the ONE who loves us so!!!
Moments like this electronic spider scare.  Keshawn did NOT like Garett’s new birthday toy.  (By the you see that ADORABLE baby’s just beggin’ for kisses).  Anyway,  Steve tried to show him that it was just a toy.  Didn’t work.  He still can’t stand it.  I hope he isn’t scared for life...LOL. 
Want to share some moments of blessings or beauty with us?
Also, have a blessed Memorial day and let us all be thankful for those that serve our country and protect us, or have in the past!!!  


  1. Beautiful.
    And Keshawn is just precious.

  2. Oh he is just so sweet! Kiss his tummy for me too!

    Love you bunches!

  3. Your little boy is sooo sweet! and thank you for the reminder to take it ALL in!!!


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