Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remembering A Moment

Sunday Snapshot

That’s what I like about Sunday Snapshot...a purposefully decision to pick up the camera and capture a moment from our Stefanie says “The good, the bad, the pretty, the not-so-pretty.”  A chance to remember the moments that make up our days, our lives, and for me as a mother, the capture their childhood.  

When the children yell that daddy is home, Keshawn will run to this window, where he has a perfect view of daddy driving up to the house.  I then will here this cute little gasp of excitement from Keshawn.  Then he climbs down the couch and begins his cute little two year old run to the garage door where he runs out to tackle his daddy.  It is such an adorable moment to watch.
This reminds me of being a little girl waiting for my daddy to come home from work.  My brother and I would run to the end of the block looking for him to come home and then when he came, we would either race him to the house, our he would stop so that we could climb in for the little ride to the house.  


  1. Oh, that sweet moment of being reunited at the end of the day!

  2. Hello,
    I am knew to your blog and have just signed up to follow along with you ...I feel so Blessed that the Lord directed me to your site...I feel as though a Treasure has just been discovered....

    I Love your story of your son Keshawn...Our children still Look for there Daddy coming home..And that's from the Littlest to the Biggest... : ) And that's even including me...

    Have a Blessed day...
    And it's a pleasure to meet you... : )

  3. i love it! our kids do something very similar waiting for daddy to come home! what a precious moment captured! you will cherish this for years to come!

    love you and big hugs!


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