Thursday, May 19, 2011

I’m So Sorry

My posts are kinda “Blaaa” right now.  We are on our 3rd round of sicknesses.  I keep wanting to sit and think and write, however, I need to keep making herbal teas, stuff vitamin C into all of us and giving us rest.  

We spent almost an hour in the basement right at supper time because of a tornado warning in our area.  The weather went from 70’s to a tornado just SE of us, then it dropped down to 36 degrees with part snow, part hail.  

The children are having a hard time with the “listen and obey” part of  childhood.  This part of child training really begins to wear me out some days.
Then there are the most precious blessings of making do with what we have and being thankful, children who smell so sweet after bath time, home made bread for supper made by my second daughter, little loves who kiss me and tell me they adore me, celebrating another’s birthday, (family party on Saturday), remembering the LORD’s goodness and unfailing love, a sweet love card from my husband because he knows the last weeks have been hard, emailing with a kindred spirit, talking to my mom and dad who love us so much, a call from my sister, my brother, my oldest son whom I miss so much...
and on and on the LORD’s blessing in my life go.  I must stop now ... a little guy wants me to hold him and feed him his bottle.  I think of you all each day, pray for you, and I am so sorry that I have not been able to comment more often!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart, I appreciate oyu so much and haven never even met you but what a blessing you are!

  2. oh sweet friend - NO need to apologize. this is just a blog - your family comes first! praying for all of you to feel better! thanking God that you are counting His blessings even still.

    ahh the obey and listening issues - they are tiring. keep on instructing them in His word and it will not return void. shower them with His grace and goodness. pour into them your obedience to Him and show them what true listening looks like - even when you don't want to.

    in this with you on every level! in HIM we can do this!

    much love,

  3. Shonni,
    There is no need to apologize, at least you're blogging, I've been a bad blogger lately.

    Hope y'all get well soon

  4. You are wonderful- I love being part of your life as a mom of many! I learn so much!

    We all have our ebb and flow where we can do things and sometimes we cannot. I am feeling that myself. Sometimes we are just needed more at home and other times we can reach out.

    Everyone understands and admires you for you faith and compassion!
    God Bless you! NOW feed the baby!! ;-)

  5. Family first!! Hope you are all feeling better soon...I, too, have been weak on the blogging, but it's just because life is full, & that's ok. Take care!

  6. totally understand!!!! PRAYING you get well and stay well!!! It makes it hard on consistency when sickness keeps coming around to spoil it. PRAYING for you.

  7. Sweet Shonni,
    Praying healing over all of you and peace to rain down upon you today!
    Much love!

  8. Thank you for being an example to me in putting what is most important first, holding that precious child. Hope you all get well soon.


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