Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let’s Get Dressed!!!!

It’s fun to dress up isn’t it.  I always feel so pretty in my elegant gown.  Steve always looks so handsome in his best suit.
But I’m not talking about the above kind of getting dressed.  I was really impressed by the LORD’s Words again this morning to “Be dressed ready for service...” (Luke 12:35).  While Luke 12:35-48 talks about being ready for the return of the Lord Jesus, there is also much for me to learn from these verse as I work here in my home, and for you - wherever the LORD may place you.  
First, the LORD reminded me to get up in the morning in a timely manner and get dressed and ready for my day.  Ready for what?  To Serve!  So regardless of whether I am at home for the day, or need to go to town, my priority is to serve.  And I must pray and spend time with the LORD first asking for His guidance, wisdom and instruction (Prov. 1) for my day.
Next, verse 42 asks an important question for me to consider and encouraging instruction for us all...”Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his master will set over his household, to give them their portions of food at the proper time?”  As a homemaker, I am so encouraged when I read this.  The LORD has set me over His household (a portion, anyway), right here in my home.  I must seek each day to be faithful and wise in managing my home.  He has given me such an important job to do.  How HIS “home” is run until he comes back is very important to him.  
Have any of you ever house sit, or asked some one to house sit for you?  We have looked after our neighbor’s house and animals for years now when he needs to travel.  And it is very important to us that we do exactly what he asks us to do while he is gone.  He wants his dogs fed faithfully each day, and brought in if the weather turns bad.  He trusts us to do the work he has asked (and is paying us) to do and to watch for his return so that everything is ready.  When our friends watch our chickens, I want them fed and watered each day so that they will not get sick or stressed.  I need to trust my friend to be faithful with this work.  
These verses are talking about the same thing...that while we are waiting for HIS return, we have work to do.  We must be faithful and wise in our service.  
Serving is one of the purest forms of love that I can think of and Jesus certainly gave us many examples of this.  Did you know that just a few verses later the Bible tells about a lady who has a "disabling spirt”?  And Jesus saw her pain and said to her “Woman, you are freed from your disability.”  Do you know what she did?  She glorified God!!  Jesus showed us so many times His love for people and He met their needs through serving them, healing them, feeding them, teaching them, praying for them, preaching the good news to them, forgiving them; He brought back to life what was dead, offered peace, replace fear with faith, received children and cast out demons, found those that were lost, and told stories about the Heavenly Kingdom.  Jesus showed us how to love others...in serving them.  That’s His Love Language.  So if our pride pricks up a little at the word “servant”, well, let’s just remember the real definition - Servant - “One who loves”. 
And let’s each of us be encouraged to “Be dressed and ready for service..."


  1. Excellent word Shonni! Blessed my heart today....
    Much love!

  2. I love this post, sister! Why is it when I'm in China I can't seem to slow down and focus? When I need the Lord the most! I'm grabbing my devo now. 48 hours from now we'll be headed to the airport for home - praise Jesus! And when I get home I want to try your slow cooker recipe below - yummy!!!!!

  3. Love it!

    Great thoughts.

    Laurel :)

  4. This is very needed in my life.....love this :) Thank You!

  5. I truly need to remember to get dressed every day - for service. The Lord's service! Could you say an extra prayer for us tomorrow - taking one of my treasures to a new Dr appointment, and waiting for that all important call from Ethiopia - saying we are "cleared" by Embassy. Love you Shonni

  6. Servant is not a very popular word these days. But that is exactly what Jesus called us to do; serve others. This was a wonderful reminder and I thank you for that Shonni.

    blessings and love,


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