Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Girl

My baby girl is leaving me - AGAIN!  In all fairness, I have left her a few times to bring home a new sibling (or three).  BUT still!  It’s not that I even hate that she is going...

...I just wish that I could be two places at once; here with my other babies and with her as she travels on her 5th mission trip.  She leaves tomorrow early to fly to Texas where she will meet up with Dandy and Gommy (my parents); then the next day they will meet up with the rest of the team (including my precious brother Kim, my sister (in love and his wife) Karla, and their daughter and my favorite red- head - Tiffany) and then will fly to Guatemala where they will be for almost two weeks.  

I wish I were packing for China!  And speaking of two little someones who are never far from my mind...we got the authenticated papers today, so we will send them to our agency tomorrow, and pray that the dossier goes to China VERY SOON!!!!

Today is hot, windy and smoky!  I have heard that there are fires burning in NM and the smoke is coming up here.  Corbin is starting to cough more (praying for no asthma), and our eyes are kinda burning.  The funny thing...the smell reminds me of the smell that I would wake up to in Liberia and Uganda as the families were lighting their fires to start breakfast each day.  I miss Africa!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers as Kalyn and my family travels and as we continue to pray our Chinese loves home!!!


  1. praying for your babies! my baby leaves Monday to head your way - to work at camp again! i had hoped to come out this summer too - but Ethiopia is calling me and I have to go! yahoo!!! Praying for your Chinese babies too!

  2. Oh, how you will miss Kalyn! I'll be praying for her, and for quick processing of paperwork in China.

  3. My "baby" {my oldest girl} is going on her very first mission trip this summer with her daddy to Honduras. I love to see how God uses mission trips to change our perspective and bring us closer to Him.

  4. Hugs - I understand and will be praying for all of you!


  5. Blessings on your trip, Kalyn. :)

    Oh how I know the feeling. People have always asked me when my children leave, "Don't you miss them so much?" Well, I do miss them. But, I am much more excited about what God is doing in them and through them, than the little selfish part that misses them. I, too, just wish I could join them.

    In the past 7 years, 4 of my Big Kids have traveled to 16 countries to serve the Lord. Couldn't ask for anything greater for my kids!

    Hope you get to travel to China REAL soon.

    Laurel :)

  6. How blessed you are to have this girl, and what a blessing she is to the people she reaches out to.

  7. Wow, she looks a lot like you in that picture. Mission trips are amazing blessings to those that go and almost just as faith-building for those that stay, don't you think?

    Yeah on the documents. On to China!

  8. Praying for safe travels for your family.

    We are having a lot of fires here as well and my eyes and my sons are so dry and irritated.

  9. Prayers for your sweet girl and for your papers to get to China in record time!!

  10. May next week bring news of DTC for you! I so know that feeling of longing for someone missing at the table...

  11. Praying for Kalyn as she travels, and for you too! :)


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