Wednesday, June 22, 2011

True Grit Wanna Be?

 My guy is way cuter.
 Steve is needing to wear this patch until he can have the eye surgery.  I told him that is fine, except he has to take it off for Jace and Karlie’s wedding.    
 Still, he doesn’t look to bad cooking our hot dogs.  
Caresse calls him the “One eyed Grill Man”.
Works for me!


  1. Ahoy Matey!

    Hey Shonni, Every time I go on your site I get this message about typepad looking for a username and password for each page I want to view, like if I go to comments.

  2. HA! Caresse is hilarious. Yes, strangely your man is attractive in an eye patch. Is he aware that not many people can pull off that look? we will still pray for his eye and healing though.


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