Saturday, June 4, 2011

Look At These Precious Ones Who Wait.

These precious ones and so many others are waiting for their families to find them.  Please help spread the news!  Visit ASIA here to find out more!!

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  1. Hi Shonni,

    I have a blog follower of yours for a very long time! I am not a big writer but I have been wanting to "introduce" myself for a while. When I saw these children I knew it had to be now! My name is Kristy and we too have a lg family. 9 to be exact! We have bio, foster care adoption, private, Ethiopia and now we are in process of a SN 4 yr old girl from China! And we are usinf ASIA! I am assuming that you are too for your adoptions but I don't know for sure. Only guessing because you posted these pictures. In so many ways our families seem alike. I sure wish we could find others like us in our area! We live in Ohio!
    Blessings on your family and I touches our hearts when we hear of others who are stretching yet again, for the Lord and to answer what He is calling us to do by adopting and not just stopping at one! These songs "here I am send me" and "take my heart and make it thine" and "I am not will to sit around and wait for someone else to do what I can do" really hit home when our eyes and hearts are opened to the orphan crisis huh!!
    Praying that each one of these sweet little ones find a home!


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