Friday, June 10, 2011

Several Times This Week

Several times this week I sat down for a few seconds to write about this week, but we continue to have slow and “no” internet working here from about 4:00 p.m. and through out the evening.  Of course, this is the time that I usually have a few minutes to sit down and write since Steve is home.

here’s the quick of it all before I must run down stairs and then I hope to follow up better later this afternoon;
-Hear once from Kalyn and they are all doing great.
-It’s been a hard week for a few of my little ones...I really need the LORD’s guidance for Aiden’s sensory things, and a few of the others have been very argumentative and “tender”.  By Wednesday, I was really wore down and know - the emotional stuff that makes you feel fuzzy minded and just “heavy”.  I love Aiden so much!!!  And I know the LORD has given me a special job to mother this little guy, and that He (God) will provide what I need to do that job.  Having said that  - well, after working with the yelling, fighting, crying, screaming, throwing, and heart wrenching “I’m sorry, Mommy”, only to start it all over again - EVERY day and almost EVERY minute, and then - well, the other things...
I don’t mean to complain - 
Yesterday I actually looked up “tired” and “burdened”  and “weary” in the Bible - ha-ha... I know, that is pathetic isn’t it.  And the LORD did give me a wonderful verse that encouraged me and a wonderful post from another mother that I will share later.  I can’t share this verse right now because my Bible is down stairs, and I am upstairs sitting with above mentioned child who is sitting here with me (for probably obvious reasons-his world has HAD to become a small circle around me).  So God knew how much His WORD would encourage me! Which is good, because,
-We had a dr.s appointment for Caresse.  I have been concerned about the leg that she has had two surgeries on.  It seems to be growing crooked.  Her AWESOME dr. confirmed that it is and that she needs a surgery right now to insert a plate into her knee to see if that will stop it from becoming worse and potentially “crippled”.  Poor Caresse, who has had 5 surgeries, skin biopsies, and so much pain in her leg sat there and cried and cried!  I couldn’t figure out why she was THAT UPSET.  When the dr. left I found out the problem.  She got upset when she heard that she needed a plate inserted into her leg and she heard that the dr. was going to numb poor darling daughter thought that she was going to have to be AWAKE for the surgery and that they were only going to numb the spot.  Good Grief...I WOULD be crying in terror too!  After she found out what was going to happen, she was only “a little” upset.  On the drive home though it began to sink in that she had to have another surgery, be on crutches again, and hopefully be up and walking well by Jace’s wedding.  So her surgery is June 24th if you all would please be praying.  
-It’s funny - the above made me think something...special needs is talked about (rightly) a lot in considering to adopt a child with a special needs.  By adoption definition, Caresse is a “special needs” child. There is a difference though.  Caresse was born into a family and a culture where she could receive the medical help that she needs.  So many parents and children do no have that option.   Special Needs doesn’t have to be a “life sentence” for a child.  I love Caresse of course, and will do what I can for my child, and when we adopt a child into our family, if that child has a SN, our thoughts are not focused on that, but on the fact that he or she is our child and we will do what we need to do to help them.  I am so grateful to so many of you who have adopted SN shine a light in a scary place.  May the LORD lay more of those precious children who wait on the hearts of others who can help them with the challenges that they face just because they are poor and live in a country where they cannot receive the medical help that they need.  “Special Needs” is not “who” they are, but just a beautiful situation for the LOVE of Jesus to shine into the lives of precious ones who are looking for help and waiting. 
AND that is the “quick” update - LOL.  Aren’t you glad I didn’t write out the long version.  
AND also, here is that site that I mentioned above that has encouraged me so much this week.  I will be spending time reading and meditating on the verses that she mentioned...
AND by the way, I love you guys!  Thank you for visiting our blog, for praying for us, for listening to me when I just need to chat.  Thank you for sharing our lives with us.  I am SO GRATEFUL for you all.  


  1. You are far from pathetic!! As a matter of fact, I tend to forget that going to the Bible when life gets overwhelming is the best thing I can do to regain focus...good job, Mama!

  2. HUGS! You are a wonderful momma and sometimes Shonni - it is all we can do to keep it together. I'm proud of you for realizing how much more you need to focus on God before the children's circumstances. He is the comfort and guidance we all need every single moment. Hang tight to Him. He is NOT calling you pathetic. He calls YOU HIS BELOVED!


  3. Shonni,

    The little girl that we are adopting has had numberous surgeries on her leg, as well. But, the surgeries have been unsuccessful and she wears a brace over the lower part of her leg. You're right, though, we hardly ever think of it, we just think of how much we want her home with us!!

    Praying for Caresse and for Aiden.

    Blessings to you!

  4. Praying for that surgery!!!
    And for your said child....interesting it has been one of those weeks for me too.....very hard....and being sick....tired too. I totally get it.

    PRAYING with you and for you :)


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