Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can I Ask...

Does any one have girls clothes sizes 7 or 8 that they would like to sell to me?  I will soon have FOUR girls in the same size....
Thanks so much.


  1. Our youngest just moved up to size 10. I'll go through her clothes to see what I can pass along. No need for payment, but I'll let you pay the postage.

    I'll let you know.

    Laurel :)

  2. Hi Shonni,

    I will look through and get you some of my daughter's. She has some nice things being the only girl;)I think we can get to springs soon.

    Tiffany--we met at the Power to Connect Conference

  3. Can you wait about 2 weeks??? or so? I have way more in that size than our last little girl will ever wear but I need to sort it all out... I am sure that I would have a bag or 2 for you. No charge.

  4. Shonni,

    I probably have 7 and 8's. Emma also moved up to a 10. Let me go through everything and get back to ya. I know I have 7 and 8 SLIMS in pants, do you think those would work?


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