Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surgeries And Such

Friday is coming at us quickly around here.  Caresse’s leg surgery is set up EARLY that morning.  
Caresse wanted a special dress to take to Texas when we go, in just TWO short weeks, for Jace and Karlie’s wedding.  So I made this one for her. 

She had a cute idea to do a fabric pin with beads, so we put this one together.  Cute, huh?

Last week Steve began to experience problems in one of his eyes...he could not see out of it suddenly.  The eye doctor told him yesterday that he has a severe and unexplainable cataract and would have to have immediate surgery.  The dr. was puzzled because this kind of  cataract is usually caused by an accident or injury of some sort, but nothing has happened.  The surgery will have to wait till after we come back from Jace’s wedding.
As I was thinking and praying about these two medical issues this morning, the children and I were reading from 2 Chronicles 16...
“...Asa was diseased in his feet, and his disease became severe.   Yet even in his disease he did not seek the LORD, but sought help from physicians.”  (verse 12).  Just last week we read how King Asa and all of Judah sought the LORD’s help when the Ethiopians came against them to destroy them.  And then later in chapter 15, King Asa “took courage” and put away the idols in the land and led the people of God “into a covenant to seek the LORD, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul”.     
Now, we see King Asa in trouble because he relied on another to win a war for him, instead of relying on the LORD. (Ch. 16:7).  Then instead of repenting and humbling himself when  Hanani (the prophet) came and confronted him with his sin, he gets angry and throws the messenger in prison.  The last chapter of his life ends with his self inflicted destruction...diseased feet and I suspect a prideful heart.  
As I thought on this I felt that we have many opportunities in our daily lives to “seek the LORD” and to rely on Him.  I’m not saying to not go to doctors and others for help.  I’m talking about the heart attitude of dependance and reliance upon the LORD...to seek Him first, to pray to Him about the things that would come against us, and to realize that our enemy is defeated.  Victory is ours not by anything else or anyone else that we would seek help from; it’s our because we REPLY ON, SEEK AND BELIEVE that our LORD will give us victory and heal our diseases.  
Again, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t seek help from doctors, or others if needed.  I believe that doctors are a gift from the LORD.  I’m saying that we should be careful that we do SEEK the LORD in all things BEFORE we run to another for help, deliverance, or advise.  I pray that when we face sicknesses or problems, we would be families who have made covenants to seek that LORD and to rely on Him.  When our hearts are right, then we know where our help and our healing and our victory comes from.  When we are sick, or our children or loved ones are sick, do we pray and believe that the LORD can bring healing and help if needed?  Or have we put ALL of our faith in doctors and do not even pray to the LORD?  
As we were thankful for the help of doctors when mother struggled through almost 4 years with her injured leg and no bone growth, we prayed daily to the LORD, and when we saw healing, my mom said one thing to me...”Tell the children that the LORD hears our prayers and answers them.”  We are forever grateful to the doctors that the LORD sent, but it is HIM that we praise, not man. 
I encourage us to make decisions each day, whether for medical reasons, financial problems, or anything else that we feel defeated by to seek the LORD and to rely on Him.  He will always lead His children.  


  1. Great post and reminder! I tried emailing you back, Shonni, and didn't receive anything back that indicated failure so my email may have ended up in your spam.

    Anyway, after reading all that is coming up in your life I'm thinking you may want to wait on the clothes. I will be in Springs on Saturday so if Caresse is in the hospital there I could just drop them off there for you. Whatever works for you. I can send them as well. I will be praying for all the surgeries and travel. I did receive your email so you can email me if you would like.

    Blessings and strength,


  2. Amen!

    Praying for not only these surgeries but also for the wedding (Hooray!) and for Kalyn as she is serving.
    Much love!

  3. Shonni what a beautiful post and reminder!

    I will be in prayer for your daughter, husband and upcoming wedding. Lots of things to try and keep you from the complete focus on God! Keep your eyes up and heart soft - you are so right He loves to lead His people!

    Hugs sweet friend!

  4. Great post- because sometimes we run in a certain direction- instead of running to our ABBA for help FIRST!!!!!!

  5. Shonni, you have so much going on in addition to the adoption - anticipation. I took away the word "seek" to think about today. Seeking God with all my heart, all my mind, and all my soul. Thanks for pointing me where I need to go. Beautiful words.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I need this truth to penetrate my heart every day.

    Praying for your family!


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