Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now I Know

I never knew before, but now I know what Fifth disease is!  It’s a childhood virus that hurts like the dickens for an adult (yes, Steve and I both had it also).  And it, combined with a few bad colds and other assorted viruses is why we have been sick for such a long time.  We are still watching a few of the other children to see if they are going to get it.  

I am excitedly watching our mail each day for our authenticated papers from the Chinese consulate.  I am so happy to see several of our blog friends bringing home their children!!!  And it makes me so ready to bring mine home!!
Kalyn leaves next week for her mission trip to Guatemala.  We are so glad that she can do this and we are praying every day for the team, which includes my parent, and my brother and his wife and daughter.  What an awesome gift to see so many in my family who love the LORD and want to share the wonderful news of our “God Who Loves”!!!!


  1. Oh bless your hearts!!! Fifths went around the schools in our town and tons of kiddos were covered. :( Hang in there!

  2. Oh man! I'm so sorry you guys have been so sick!! That's awful! I hope you are on the mend and you can get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather soon.

    YAY on the paperwork!! You're almost there!

  3. praying you all to health! praying for your family going to Guatemala.

    big hugs and much love!

  4. We had it too- a long time ago and we were miserable. Praying that you are
    feeling better soon and that more children do not get it.

    Blessings to Kalyn as she travels to Guatemala.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this about you and Steve. I know Jorja was in pain over it - praying it doesn't spread to anyone else in your home!
    Awesome that Kalyn gets to go with your family to Guatemala!! I am so sad that my kids weren't able to go this year. Will be praying with you for their trip too!
    and for your paperwork - yes, you need to get to your kids and get them home!

  6. Our whole family got fifth disease a few years ago and it was did a real number on my hubby's shoulder...which was a problem area for him anyway, and it like attacked a nerve in there and he had pain and his muscle TOTALLY atrophied and it took a LONG time for it to come back....I'm feeling for you and your family.

  7. Oh Shonni - I hope you recover quickly -praying for you.


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