Monday, May 2, 2011

Have You Ever....

...seen a picture of yourself that scared you?  I did yesterday.  And I’m not really sure that I know what to do about it.  I guess laugh.  Tell me...
does this make you laugh?

 Aiden brought this picture to me and said “Here’s a picture of you Moma.”  I looked at it, and can tell you that 21 years of parenting paid off at that moment.  I didn’t say what I was “Wow, I must have been hit by a truck", or "I need to wear make up more often", or “Am I a monster?”, or “Wear’s my bellybutton?”
No, I didn’t say what I was thinking, thank goodness.  I waited for a second hoping Aiden would give me a few more clues about this masterpiece, and when he didn’t I said, “Wow, I must be happy?”  Notice the question mark at the end of that sentence.  I knew that I was treading on dangerous waters.  I have seen other children’s little eyes well up with tears because I hurt their feelings when making an observation about a piece of art.  
Well a glorious smile broke out on Aiden’s big face and he said “Yea, you’re a baby, and you’re happy.”  

Then he showed me the other side and told me that this was me grown up playing games.  I must have really “impressive” teeth!   Ha-ha!!

Speaking of Aiden...remember the weighted blanket that we got last week?  We bought one hoping that it would help with his nightly head banging.  He has always banged his head as he slept...since he was a baby.  We recently found out that this is part of the Sensory Seeking issues that we are learning more about.  We were easily up from 3-6 times a night trying to get him to stop, which is hard because he doesn’t even know that he is doing it.  
 I am HAPPY to say that the weighted blanket has help his head banging by at least 95%.  The only time that I hear it now is if the blanket has come off, and then I just put it back on him.  
 We are all much happier with this new and improved sleeping pattern I can tell you.  
I bought mine on line... there are so many different options, so if you are interested just google search for "weighted blankets", or "Sensory Processing - Sensory Seeking - Weighted Blankets”, and just add “how to make”, if you want to know how others have made their own blankets.  If you want to research SPD more, go here, or visit Empowered To Connect or Tapestry.  


  1. Don't you just LOVE those Pictures...I remeber making those kind of pictures for my Mom..and I can remember thinking at what a wonderful job I was doing and I am sure she is going to see the very likeness of herself when she looks at it... : )

    And what a Blessing to have a Tool to help with the Head Banging..Will Pray for your sweet boy that the Lord Will continue to work and restore..
    Have a blessed week

  2. What a precious boy! So happy that the blanket is helping.

  3. Ha! I love Aiden's art. I couldn't help but smile while I was reading this post. So cute!

  4. ha ha ha! i get those same kind of photos of me all of the time too :-D we sure are PRETTY!!!!

    i have been wanting to order a blanket like that for two years - just never got around to it.

    so glad it is already working for aiden!

    much love and hugs!!!!

  5. Yippee for the weighted blanket!!! Perhaps once he has stopped the behavior for a long enough time the blanket can be used less and less!!!

    So happy for you!!!

  6. Soo glad it has worked!!! YEAH!!!

    And that picture- yeah still laughing!!! :)

  7. That picture is AWESOME! I am so glad the weighted blanket is helping!

  8. Wow my son was a head banger as well, he's actually almost 19 and still shakes his head up and down against his pillow to sleep at night, where did you get this from? I've never heard of this.

    And you look beautiful in the picture, in a funny kind of way.

  9. The pic is so funny! Got a laugh out of that one


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